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Living Room Take 2

9:18 PM

Remember that time I bought a house? And I could finally start from scratch? I could go with any color scheme, any style, any vibe I wanted? And what did I choose? Somewhat inadvertently, I chose farmhouse #thanksjoanna. It's not that I don't like farmhouse style. I, like the rest of America, am quite smitten. But it simply isn't me.

I've mentioned before that I struggle to define my style. I even took a quiz once and it was something like 33 coastal, 30 transitional, 25 modern, 12 traditional. So basically all the styles. Unfortunately that means I sometimes get drawn toward whatever is trendy. After I finished my gallery wall, I realized I'd crossed the line. I knew if I didn't change course, I'd be buying chicken wire baskets before I knew it. I texted my designer friend in a panic. She gave me this: add black, add brass, add leather. I loved her suggestions and started in that direction.
While I am still enamored with vintage decor, I realize I have to pick a team. (And also vintage doesn't mean farmhouse). So I'm going a bit more transitional in the living room. Although my wing back chairs seem a bit farmhouse-ish, I'm thankful I went fairly neutral for my big pieces and chose a modern rug. As a side note, the chairs are SO comfortable and so pretty, there is no way I am replacing them any time soon. Here's a mood board to help keep me on track. I know it needs color and of course this isn't comprehensive, but I'm diggin it. 
1. Brass Mirror. I have this in our entry and LOVE it  |  2. Chesterfield (similar)  |   3. Pillows  |  4. Drum Accent Table  |  5. Area Rug  |  6. Live Edge Table (similar). I had one made and it is AWESOME  |  7. Darley "Oak" Bookcase  |  8. Wing back chair  |  9. Rattan Basket  |  10. Cement Pot Planter  |  11. Leather Director's Bench 

Some of these items I own (the rug, the sofa and chairs, the black basket, the bookshelf, the table) and some are purely aspirational (um, no $500 leather bench in the living room as long as Dax is 2). But I love pulling it all together and playing around with pieces without actually purchasing them! 

What about you? Have you ever veered off track when decorating? Do you succumb to whatever is trendy? Humor me!

For your convenience, shop the post below. (affiliate links included)

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  1. The great thing about interior design is you can blend many styles together if you start with a color scheme!
    xo, Lee

  2. Oh I am taking style notes over here! Loving the color scheme, and that couch is amazing!

  3. I feel your struggle with trying to stick to a style, but I think your mood board is great so far! I like your designer friend's recommendation to add black, brass, and leather though. Can't wait to see how the room evolves!

  4. You're on the way to a minimal and chic living room! Totally my style so I'm excited to the finished room decor you do!

  5. Love It!! When we purchased our home the thing that fascinated me the most was that I had no limits on what my design style could be!! I'm still finding it in different ways (like the wall colors---) BUT I'm having a blast getting there!

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