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20 AMAZING Wal-Mart Finds Under $45

7:37 PM

You guys. It seems like it recently became a thing to find cool stuff at Wal-Mart. But that's been my world for a long time. I'm kind of mad that I didn't come up with @whoawaitwalmart or @walmartfinds (check them both out on Instagram. They are so fun!). I have a strange attachment to Wal-Mart. I can't explain it. I think it comes from growing up without a lot of extra funds and knowing we could get what we needed at a low price at the local Wal-Mart. I was oddly grateful.

In any case, I've been pleasantly surprised at some of its home decor finds lately and couldn't help but share a few of my favorites here. You can click directly on the link* to view details and/or purchase! Items range from just $6 (hello cement + copper toothbrush holder that I'd use as a pencil cup!) to $43. I mean, that ebony and ivory pillow needs to get. on. my. couch. Enjoy!

*These are affiliate links which means I get a tiny percentage if you purchase an item, at no cost to you. As usual I only share objects I have or wish I had. ;)

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