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29 Fun Easter Basket Fillers!

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Easter Basket full of summer items, craft items, and silly string!
When I shared the kids' Easter baskets on Instagram stories last year, I got lots of questions about what I put in them. I try to avoid candy and cheaply made toys that they will tire of or break within a few uses, yet, still keep it affordable. So I thought I'd whip up a quick post with some fun, budget-friendly Easter basket filler ideas! Side note: If an item isn't pictured or doesn't have a source, I usually get it from the Dollar Tree or Spot's Playground. But most items are linked below along with additional options in the "shop this post" widget at the end of the post and an image to pin if you want to come back to it later! Enjoy!

Easter Basket Filler Ideas that aren't candy

1. Little stuffed bunny. Life hack- I reuse them. I put them away and use them the following Easter!

2. Bubbles. Bonus points for battery operated (how cute is this one?) or a bubble wand!

3. Sidewalk chalk

4. Film, for their Instax obvi.

5. Activity kits. We raid Spot's playground for these.

6. Coloring books + Crayons- this one might be the coolest coloring book I've ever seen.

Pretty Easter basket full of goodies

7. Spiritual books/devotionals. We love this one!

8. Flip flops

9. Swimsuit (for her and for him).

10. Sunglasses (for him and for her).

Little boy playing with toy truck on Easter

11. Sweet cereal. We put it inside of eggs instead of candy- in fact, the girls call fruit loops "easter cheerios." haha! Bonus- this is great for toddlers!

12. Silly string

13. $5 gift card(s) to Starbucks or Coldstone!

Silly String Fight!

14. DVD. What's their favorite movie?

15. CD. We love us some kidz bop around here.

16. Cute Band-Aids

17. Old school toys like this one or this one (keep reading for more vintage toy ideas!)
Easter Basket for a toddler boy

18. Spinning tops. My kids got these recently and love them!

19. Jack game + pick up sticks. This one is also adorable or this classic option.

20. Jump rope

21. Fun erasers (the girls are super into these lately!)

Easter Basket Ideas

22. Lip balm

23. Kaleidoscope. There's a reason it's been popular for like 100 years. ha.

24. Chocolate cross. A spiritual alternative to a bunny. But still delicious. ;)

25. Barrettes. These are pictured.

an Easter Basket for a 6 year old girl

26. Headband or a Bow Tie for the fellas.

27. Harmonica

28. Needoh Ball

29. Bunny and Chick wind up toy

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Easter basket filler ideas on a budget

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