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Fresh and Kid-Friendly Office Nook - One Room Challenge Week 1

8:00 AM

Design Board of Office Space with Floating Desk and Shelves

Well, I went and registered for the Spring 2020 ORC™! I considered joining last month but decided against it, blaming too many half-done projects. And let's be honest. I was scared. But you've heard me say it once and you'll hear me say it again- Feel the fear, and do it anyway! As the week 1 posts starting rolling in, I felt instant regret that I hadn't signed up and so I did! The good news is, I'm excited to bring you along for the ride, have a hard deadline for a project (y'all know I need one!), and be challenged in a new way. The bad news is, I'm already behind. Oops! So let's catch up! The room I'll be working on is
the office nook! When we first moved in, we decided to use the formal dining room as an office and I just assumed we'd all share it. As my husband's 45-minute commute (already too long IMO) turned into an hour, he began to work from home more often. Before COVID, he was working from home 90% of the time. Now, it's 100. It finally dawned on me that our plans for a 'family office' were unrealistic. We also need a place for a family computer and I'm all about having it out in the open where mama's eyes are present. We chose the kitchen and here we are.

The Before:

I searched for a photo of how it looked with our little farmhouse style buffet but couldn't find one! But here's how it looked after we moved the buffet over to the dining room and before we added the wall treatment.
Nook in Kitchen before the ORC makeover

I also grabbed this image off of Instagram which shows how it was set up.
Nook in Kitchen before the ORC makeover

And here's how it looks now (plus a baseboard).
Office Nook in Kitchen DIY

Here's my vision so far. All of the sources are at the end of the post!

Vision Board (Alternative 1):

Fresh and Kid-Friendly Office Nook - One Room Challenge Week 1
If you follow on Instagram, I shared that I was having a tough time finding chairs I love that were in stock. I finally snagged two of the chairs above but I adore the chairs below. The best price is here but they are sold out. They are available here though. Here's the mood board with that swap.

Vision Board (Alternative 2):

Fresh and Kid-Friendly Office Nook - One Room Challenge Week 1
Floating Shelves full of art, decor, and storage

The art is all from here! Titles are Sienna  |  Moth II  |  Mercer  |  Here with You 

Design Checklist:

I've heard it's helpful to create a design checklist to stay on track so here's mine:

Install Paneling

Pick a paint color and Paint

Choose Wood for a Floating Desk

Install Floating Desk

Figure out outlets/install

Choose wood for shelves
     -potentially paint shelves

Install shelves
     -potentially choose shelf brackets

Choose Chairs

Add a runner

Purchase Office Accessories

Style the shelves
design board for office space in the kitchen

I'm so excited to take you on this fun journey! Make sure to subscribe (scroll all the way to the bottom of this page to sign up for email) to keep up and follow over on Instagram! I'd love to know if you're participating too- comment below so I can follow along!

Sources (affiliate links included): 

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  1. Wait! WHAT?! Those cesca style chairs are from Walmart?!? AMAZING. Those are my dream dining chairs and such an affordable option. I'm in Canada so unfortunately they're not even listed on their Canadian website. Boo.