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The Bathroom Got a Facelift Just in Time for Guests!

9:32 AM

Our sad little guest bath got a face lift just in time for guests! When I showed it to you last week, it looked like this:

And now? 

We plan to renovate it in 2022 but I could. not. stand. the neglect one moment longer! In the first photo, all I'd done was add the rug (side note, in the 2nd photo I used these which make a world of difference!), the cute tissue cover, and I'd purchased this art (not pictured). 

Then Amazon Home contacted me to partner on getting my home guest ready and it was the push I needed to finish this 'refresh.' 

I'll let the photos do the talking, but watch for tips throughout!

I love refillable containers and adding lotion feels a bit luxurious to me! Add a Turkish hand towel and it feels like a pampered moment.

My tip here is have nice, bright light for your guests to see! It's fine to have dim glowy light in a dining room, but when one is in the bathroom, let there be light! We used these bulbs!

Someone on Instagram said this was the Dooney & Bourke of tissue holders and I must say, I agree. ha! Prepare for colds but make it fashion.

There's something about having a basket full of practical but pretty items for guests just makes my heart happy. Pretty Real through and through. For sure, accessible toilet paper, smell removers (!), and towels are necessary for guests and then I added a toothbrush and q-tips both as a convenience and b/c they cute. haha.

In Summary:

Aside from giving the bath a good clean and touching up holes in the wall and scuffed paint (tasks that are FREE and I highly recommend to start), we added a few festive touches, some pretty toiletries, fresh lighting and textiles and it now feels like we've considered our guests for the guest bath. And that feels good! Look around your bath and see what simple and easy steps you can take to make it feel good! Sometimes it could be as easy as switching out a light bulb to something brighter- sometimes it's scrubbing the baseboards, sometimes it's adding a pretty candle! What tips did I miss?

Sources (you can also shop all of this in my Amazon Storefront!)

Wall Color: Bemjamin Moore Hale Navy

Lotion + Soap Dispenser

Hand Towel (and hook)

Light Fixture

Preserved Wreath and mini version

Rug (used similar rug stickers)

Similar Frame (same brand)

Candle - comes in a beautiful shade of green too!


Room Spray- natural, smells great, and "works" if you know what I mean

Hand Towels in Basket

Wooden Toothbrush

Wooden Q-tips

Faux Leather Tissue Cover - so pretty and inexpensive!

Toilet Paper Holder- sticks on- easiest thing ever!

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