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Quick and Easy Teacher and Neighbor Gifts plus a Hack!

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This year my to-do list got a liiiittle bit away from me! I still needed teacher gifts the week they were due. Have no fear, Walmart is here. Not only do they have tons of options for last minute gifting, but I was able to add a few items to my grocery order- the hack of the season- and get it the next day! Holla! Between that and pick up in as little as 1 hour, it's saving the day for busy mamas everywhere. With 3 kiddos and multiple teachers, I love to save money where I can. The gifts I found are pretty and festive while starting at just $5! Here are ideas for easy and quick teacher gifts plus ways to elevate them (though they stand alone as well!) and these gifts work just as well for  neighbors or community helpers! If you see something you like, act fast- it's your last chance to save on top gifts!

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Tip 1:

Gift consumables. It's no secret that most teachers seem to prefer gift cards. But if that feels a bit impersonal to you, gift a consumable. At the very least it's not something that clutters their classroom or cabinets nor is it something they'll feel obligated to display.

Tip 2: 

Add a gift card. See Tip 1. While it's not necessary (most teachers I know simply appreciate a kind gesture), it's always a good idea! Even a cup of coffee on you can be very appreciated! 

Tip 3: 

If you gift an object, make it moderately generic. A red candle, a simple coffee travel mug (I love having extras lying around) or a classic tray is a safe bet. Not too much personality but still pretty! I know my middle little's teacher loves to catalog their family adventures and thought she'd really like the picture frame ornaments!

Tip 4: 

Feel free to add baked goods to a pretty tray for a gift that keeps giving- but see tip 3.

Tip 5:

Pay attention to those "about me" notes that teachers give out at the beginning of the year. Full disclosure I sometimes lose them, but next year I'm going to take a photo with my phone! That way you have an idea of their favorite snack or drink of choice.

Another thought:
While you may not know a teacher's food preference, I find it convenient to have treats/snacks on hand during the holidays. If they don't enjoy it, it's likely their family or friends will! But also see tip 2. ;)

Here are a few other gifts I rounded up!

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