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Beautiful Gifts for Mom

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Mother's Day is a fun holiday to buy for in my opinion! I love a self care gift (and am the worst at purchasing them for myself) and feminine gifts are my jam too. I've rounded up a handful of Mother's Day gift ideas for you, your mom, sister, mother figure, mother-in-law, or any mom you want to honor and spoil on Mother's Day. Or go ahead and forward to your husband. wink wink. Starting at just $22, there's something for everyone!
Beautiful and Thoughtful Gift Ideas for mom, starting at $22.

Merit Cream Blush in Red. $30. Have and love. I've used a lot of cream blushes and this one just hits. 

Amazon Kindle in Agave Green. $149.99. Why don't I have one of these? I've been doing much more reading over the past year or two and would not be sad if this showed up on May twelfth. If your mom is an avid reader, she'll love this. And don't get me started on the color. 😍

Woven Bag. $69.99 (before a 15% off coupon). I just grabbed this bag and I promise, you or the recipient will instantly look more put together carrying it. Also, it comes in 10 colors- something for every mom.

Gold Half Circle Personalized Necklace. $51.30. My girlfriend (who always has the coolest stuff btw) recommended this etsy shop and I fully agree. I'm picky when it comes to mom jewelry but the selection in this shop is really pretty!

Hatch Restore Sunset Alarm. $199. This is on my wish list! If you're mom/wife/etc is trying to use her phone less, or create healthy habits, she'll love this clock too. Comes in 3 pretty colors!

Simple Modern Rubber Tote. $74.99. Love this cooler version of the bogg bag. A beach/pool tote will most certainly make mom's life easier! It comes in a lot of fun colors. Or if you want the highly favored OG Bogg, this one is my favorite!

Percussion Massager. $89.99. Whether she's an athlete, a DIYer, or just getting older (raises hand), she'll appreciate this petite massager. After perusing the reviews, I'm convinced that its small size means she'll use it more. And of course it's pretty.

Grande Fanny Pack. $325. I mean she deserves a little luxury right?! And by "she," I mean "me." I've adored this bag for so long and it comes in a variety of luscious colors/patterns.

Your Story Cuff. $126. I have one of these bangles and it's so beautiful. You can inscribe it with a quote, a special date, or her kids' names to make it even more charming. Use code ANNA for 20% off!

House Rules. $22. I just adore Myquillyn and if your mom/friend/sister/etc loves a pretty space but doesn't quite know how to achieve it (or is over "seeing perfect houses on Instagram"- a sentiment I hear often), she'll love this book. I've started it and it's so full of wisdom. And bonus: It's GORGEOUS. Even Joe commented on what a pretty book it is!

Picture Frame. $39.50. For the mom who wants for nothing, frame a photo of her with her grandchildren (or with you!) and she'll love it. Hot tip: Even a small candid phone photo will look great in black and white, brightened, and with the contrast bumped up a little. 

Schwinn Admiral Adult Hybrid Bike. $248. I got this bike for Christmas and adore it! It's easy to ride, comfortable and oh so cute! Heads up though- mine is more of a pale yellow than cream but I dig it. Moms often want family time and a family bike ride is just that.

I hope this helps you shop for mom!

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