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Brighten Your Day with Easter Egg Couture

8:19 PM

If your memories of Easter Egg decorating include brightly colored dyes and white crayons, have I got a pleasant surprise for you!  Check out this awesome article over at Family Circle on Gorgeous No-Dye Easter Eggs & Crafts... from fabric to washi (Japanese tape) to unique ways to display your creations, the unique ideas are so colorfully fun!

PS - I have just discovered washi and it looks so so so fun and appears to have possibilities galore.  See more creative uses for it here on the lovely blog To Be Charmed!  Want to buy some?  Check out Happy Tape, Washimatta or Pretty Tape.

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  1. wow those colors are gorgeous! perfect for this rainy morning :)

  2. I'm totally gonna get some of this tape! I love all the uses!