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FREE offer from Shutterfly

3:35 PM

A while ago I purchased the most adorable knit beanie from the etsy shop 2crochetmamma. I planned to use it as a prop for our family photos, but unfortunately totally forgot it at home! I was bummed but then my dear husband reminded me that he spent a pretty penny on my Nikon and I could take photos of Genevieve myself. Good point, honey. Not only did I take about 175 pictures of her in this beanie but I also made the cutest photostrip for free! No matter how cheesy, I love the photo booth photostrips and how everyone looks either adorably silly, romantic, or just plain cute in them. Now you can make the same product from the comfort of home (vs. the insanely tiny booth in the mall, which let's admit, is kind of embarrassing to crawl out of at 30 years old. Oops I mean 29.) To make your own free photostrip, visit, click on "store," then "special offers," then "free photostrip."

And to purchase any one of these lovely beanies, click here.

And to win a lime green beanie with a pink flower check out this very cool blog (which incidently is where I learned of the shutterfly promotion) and this contest.

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  1. Thanks for mentioning me! :) I love the photos of your sweetie and I'm so glad that someone else got a free "wink" photo strip... mine just arrived, so fun! Great blog!

  2. No problem! And thanks. I'm glad I found your blog. Love it!