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L.L. Bean... Fishing Gear, Rain Boots and... Stylish Clothes???

9:14 PM

Yes, you read that right.  I know that L.L. Bean might not be the first retailer that pops in to your head when you think of stylish apparel.  More than likely you associate the name with your high school backpack or that windbreaker you bought in 7th grade and had til you left for college.  Though definitely masters in the quality department, the Bean has not really ever had much to offer to us less "practical" gals. 

However, just the other day I was sorting through my mail when their latest flyer caught me eye... under the typical L.L. Bean scrawl was a new word.... SIGNATURE.  Hmmmm... that word, and Maggie Rizer on the front cover definitely caught my attention.  So I flipped it open, and to my surprise found some really cute and versatile pieces!  They're not terribly cheap, but they're also not outlandishly expensive, and knowing L.L. Bean's reputation for quality, I would think they're worth every penny.  The styles are classic yet current and would be great basics to add trendier accessories to.  They also offer a "new fit that wears closer to the body, with handsome tailoring and contemporary silhouettes."   So what do you think?  A pair of nude colored wedges (for which I am constantly searching for, as I'm torn between my desire for the height of sexy summer sandals and yet the practicality of flip flops, which are made for chasing 3 year olds), a versatile and stylish navy trench, and the most comfortably casual sweater all caught my eye along with these other looks:

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PPS - They also have a guy's line, but I wasn't quite as impressed.  Some cute items, but styled strange for my taste and my guy.  Might float your boat though, so check it out!

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