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Nadia's "Chapter 2" Book Themed Party: Dessert Buffet.

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I honestly don't know how many parts there will be, but we should probably start with Part I right?  I'm sort of sad that it's taken me THIS long to share her party with you!  I was behind from Nadia's party.  Then my computer crashed and I was behind from that.  Then I was sick (and so were the kids) and I was behind from that.  Then I started attending a bible study requiring daily homework and am always behind in that (though it's a huge blessing).  I'm starting to think "behind" is just my typical state of being lately and I should just roll with it. Anyway, here I am ready to share some party deets.  Starting with the dessert table of course.  (Because that's my favorite part.  I think).

The colors were mint, orange, yellow, and pink.  In hindsight it's a lot easier to keep things clean and simple with fewer colors.  But I love color and just couldn't help myself.  Or exclude pink.  As for food, I wanted to keep it simple this time around.  

Dessert Buffet Menu
Birthday cake- I made it with a box mix and store bought icing using this tutorial.
Oreo tower- I tried to copy hers from this party but I think I should've used double stuff Oreo's.
Peanut butter no bake cookies- store bought
Homemade cake truffles- basically cake pops without the stick.  
Oreo truffles- using this recipe/tutorial. (I made these for Genevieve's 2nd party and they were a hit).
Sticky popcorn- a Pinterest recipe that was uploaded by a user (see this pin).
Animal crackers- store bought.
Donuts- I added icing and sprinkles to store bought donuts.  I meant to make this taller also but ran out of time.  
Helpful Hint: For any "tower" type dessert they seem to require more of the product than you think!
"bookworms"- i.e. neon gummy worms.
Rock Candy Pops from here.

...Note: If you'd like to view the images as a slideshow just click on one and scroll through...
Love this sweet shot of my Genevieve checking out the goodies.  She was asking all day to eat them and I kept asking her to wait and promising she could indulge once the party started.  This shot also shows my DIY scalloped tablecloth which I love!  Super easy-- Trace half a bowl on a plastic tablecloth (I considered using cloth but the budget wouldn't allow it) and cut.  So simple.

I loved using books as chargers.  I got this vintage Disney book from a thrift store.
I made the toppers for these the old fashioned way--folded a book page in half and cut half heart shapes. Then I glued them to a toothpick.  The pretty slotted plates I got from a thrift store.

I knew I didn't want to focus on the "nerd" or bookworm aspect of a book party but I couldn't help but throw in "book worms" as part of the dessert buffet. 
I am not great at making/decorating cakes but I was fairly pleased with how this one turned out!

This was one of my favorite parts of the party!  I loved using real furniture for the drink station and what better piece than a dry sink?  Best part- I borrowed the pretty drink dispenser and galvanized tin and already owned the pretty drink bottles, so this pretty set up was totally affordable.
 I lucked out and found the fun cups at Target in the kids' dishes section.  Score.
Can I be honest with you? I forgot to put the cute straws out?!  But how cute are they right?  I adorned a handful of them with titles of classic fairy tales and/or text from the fairy tales.  Loved the idea and a tiny bit sad that they never made an appearance!
One more photo of the water wrapped in book pages simply because I adore this idea!
The Big Picture.  SO sad that I didn't pull the blinds behind the window so my ugly plaid couch shows through...long story but I didn't intend to have the table in this spot and in my rush I didn't realize the "photographic implications" of this set up. In case you didn't know, "photographic implications" is very real.  and very serious.

Sources and DIY:
Event Styling: Tiffany DeLangie of 
Photography: Captured NH.
Paper Labels: Christy DeLangie
Milk glass vases: thrift stores
Paper mache booksHobby Lobby
Cake Stand for Donuts along with slotted plates: Thrift Store
Cake Stand for Cake: HomeGoods
Cake Stand for Oreos: Christmas Tree Shop
Coral cupcake holders: Target
Wood Tray: A repurposed container that a toy came in.
Little glass ice-cream dishes (holding gummy worms): borrowed. My SIL said she paid .97 for them at Wal-Mart. I need to stock up on these!
Glass apothecary jar for rock candy sticks: Can't remember :/
Book Page "2" Cake Topper: DIY. Cut a book page into a "2" and glued to a skewer.
Glasses on Cake: Target
Orange Polka Dot baggies: Target's $1 section
Yellow Polka Dot cupcake liners: Michael's or here
Ribbon: Dollar Tree, and various leftover from other projects.
Heart Cake toppers: DIY using book pages cut into hearts and glued to toothpicks.  So easy and quick.
Vintage Disney Books used as chargers: Thrift store
Rock Candy PopsOriental Trading Company.
Polka Dot Straws: Jane
Book Page Wrapped Water Bottles: DIY.  I bought a book from the Dollar Tree (Little Women--how fitting) and wrapped the bottles then attached paper straws with washi tape.
*affiliate links included

I think that's it! I owned most everything which really helped keep costs down...and helps me justify my "collection" of party stuff!

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  1. This is sooooo adorable!

  2. Just love a book theme...and you pulled this off so resourcefully and prettily!

    1. Thanks so much for your comment and kind words :)

  3. I read this on my phone yesterday and LOVED it! I don't know where to begin... the book cake, the book page toppers/sticks in the truffles, the fact that so much stuff was homemade (even the food), or how adorable the Nadia backdrop is. Too much! Love it all!

    1. Friend! You know that means SO much coming from you! Thank you!

  4. this was amazing I will definitely use this strategy