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The Doc is In: Semi-DIY Doc McStuffins Costume.

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Little girl in doc mcstuffins costume
I know it's late...but if I "save" this post for next year it will never happen.  So if you like this idea, you have about 72 hours to make it happen or you can pin now and use later!

The thing I love about costumes is that they are not necessarily a one time deal.  This one definitely isn't!  My girls love to play dress up--it literally happens a few times a week; sometimes a few times a day-- so I know they'll be rockin this Doc McStuffins costume more than once.  Plus since I went the semi-DIY route, Genevieve can wear these pieces in "real life," which I love!  Even though I'm all for store-bought costumes (I'll share Nadia's at the end ) sometimes I think making them is so much more fun--even if it's pulling already made pieces together. That said, there are plenty of store-bought Doc costumes out there to choose from if shopping around isn't your thing!
Doc McStuffins Costume
I bought this jacket set.  When it came it wasn't what was pictured but they were so kind and gave me a refund. I love that it has these adorable heart buttons and a nice sheen to it.  It also comes with a purple and white "tank" but it's too short so a shirt underneath was a must.  Her high top converse were from Marshall's but you can get them here as well.  We already owned the doc bag.
Doc McStuffins Outfit



Here's a cute option. This one would work too. 

Sparkly pink shoes: 

 12  |  3  |  4
Just found these! They're perfect! ---> Doc shoes


These would work. These are probably the best out there.

I've searched high and low for purple polka dot leggings but am having a hard time finding the perfect pair. If I was recreating this costume I'd just use these.

Tights/legwarmer options:

Purple and white striped shirts: 
this one would work!  The tank in this set would also work. This one is dark but still cute and the set would be great in real life!

This one is PERFECT!  |  And so is this doc McStuffins headband!

Store-Bought Doc Costumes:

Amazon seems to have the best selection of Doc McStuffins costumes here.

Of course, you could go straight to the source and get this adorable Doc McStuffins Costume.

Here are a few more pictures of Doc McStuffins and a couple of Nadia in her Lalaloopsy costume. 

Toddler in Doc McStuffins Costume with Lambie and A Doctor Bag

Little girl wearing stethoscope and glittery headband as Doc McStuffins
I added freckles like Doc's. And lip gloss. And blush.  Sue me.

Toddler in DIY Doc McStuffins Costume

Name Tag on Doc McStuffins Costume
The set also came with a card to write your child's name on.  So cute!

Doc McStuffins Costume

Nadia's costume is available here (updated).

 This wig actually stayed on for a while! Oh and can you tell she thought she was cute?!  Looking AND smiling!
 cute little details.

And there you have it! Do you buy your costumes? Do you splurge or are you a cheapskate like me?  Do you go the DIY route?  

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  1. What did you use to get her braids to stick out?

    1. her hair is curly so I just braided it really tightly and bent it upward! If your daughter has curly/textured hair, try that! If not, I remember as a kid dressing up as pippi long stockings and my mom used wire from a wire hanger in my braids and bent it up that could even use floral wire which would be easier to work with. Good luck!

  2. Thanks so much for posting this! I've been searching for a top and headband for my daughter's Doc McStuffin's costume—just ordered from your suggestions. Thanks!

    1. Awesome!! I'm so glad it helped! I bet your little one will look adorable!