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Under the Sea! A joint Shark and Mermaid Birthday Party

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mermaid and shark party
I'm excited to share Dax and Nadia's Shark and Mermaid party with you! Since their birthdays are one day apart, a joint party just makes sense. Eventually I might not get away with coordinating themes, but since Dax is obsessed with sharks (so cute you guys!) and Nadia loves mermaids (hence the girls' mermaid themed room), this year it worked!

Fun details:
-Under the Sea themed activities

-Ocean themed snacks and desserts (especially the marshmallow pops, clam cookies, and dinglehopper pops)

-Treasure box and treasure trove on the dessert table

-Quotes from and a nod to "The Little Mermaid." 

-Fun gumball favors

Note: I've included affiliate links for reference but most of my items were purchased from Amazon, Party City, Dollar Tree, and Wal-Mart.

This was the first party we've thrown in our new home and I have to say I was a little nervous. But the weather was fantastic, the kids had a great time, our friends seemed to enjoy themselves, and most importantly Nadia and Dax were celebrated and loved.
mermaid party food ideas
(I found these twirly pops at Dollar Tree but these are cute)

For this party I focused on the dessert table. I love party planning, DIY, and all the details but this theme was the perfect one to simply focus on "under the sea" themed snacks and activities.

mermaid party
I made the fun "sea star" sandwiches with this cookie cutter. While most of the snacks are store bought, I really loved the clam cookies and the dinglehopper pops! My mom saved the day with the cake pops- I used to make them often but the last time I made them was for Nadia's 2nd birthday party (if you haven't seen it, take a look- it's one of my favorites!) and I'd forgotten how tricky they can be. Keep reading for the trick to make them perfectly.

These were simple but so pretty- To create them, pipe purple frosting onto a wafer, then perch another on top. Add a cute little "pearl"(a sixlet) and that's it. (PS- you can get them for .88 at Wal-Mart!).

The secret to cake pops is to add the frosting slowly! The texture should be dough like and the crumbs should be fine before adding frosting. I don't recommend using a "velvet" cake mix like I did. I've always referenced this tutorial.

The mini forks are from the Dollar Tree but you can grab them here.

under the sea party

Those candy rings! So perfect! Chocolate coins + candy bracelets + candy necklaces + gumballs (big and small) made such a sweet treasure trove. The string of pearls were used in my 30th birthday party and Genevieve's 1st birthday party. At this point, they're sentimental! Sometimes hoarding party supplies pays off. ;)

under the sea party

perfect for a shark or pirate party
I love Dax's gorgeous "treasure chest," and it was perfect for the party. It was a gift from his cousins and has his name inscribed on it. ♥
shark party or mermaid party food ideas

joint boy and girl party ideas

mermaid inspired cake
I was proud of this cake! It looks harder than it is. Also the starfish was glittery- such a fun addition.  One last look at the table before moving on! ;)

joint boy and girl party ideas
The posters were custom made (but super affordable!) from this shop. And the net just makes the table! So perfect.

Confession: I over analyzed this part. I was concerned that the kids would be bored. I was so wrong! They probably would've been fine to just run, play with our yard toys and on the swing set but I'd seen some sand art pictures (thanks Pinterest) and couldn't resist trying it. Although it would have been fine either way, I'm so glad I did. It was so fun! The kids loved it (boys and girls alike- boys maybe even more!) and my only regret was not getting more sand and squeeze bottles.

All the sand and glass bottles were from Michael's.

I didn't get a picture of the treasure hunt in the sand "box." The kids loved that too! Joe bought a bunch of little favors and gold coins and the kids dug for them. Fun and easy! And getting the sand motivated us to fill in the bottom of the swing set to make a real sandbox which was a bonus. 

favors at a shark party

favors at a shark party


The birthday boy slept for the first hour of the party so I didn't get too many photos of him. :( But this one is so cute!
Today Nadia was reminiscing about the party- "I can't believe we invited all of my friends who don't know each other! Now Noah knows Avery and Avery knows Chase! Maybe we can all have a play date!" ha. so cute. I should probably start planning that. ;)

Happy Birthday Nadia and Dax! We loved celebrating you!

Shop this party! (affiliate links included)

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  1. Oh my goodness this is just about the cutest party ever!! Would you let me share this over on my blog?

  2. What size did you get them signs printed?

  3. I keep meaning to check for you! I think 18x24...

    1. hi, so cute! would you mind sharing the link to the labels!

  4. I love this party!! Would you mind sharing your snack and treat labels?

    1. Hi! My sister in law made them for me. She has an etsy shop- she doesn't sell printables but if you message her through her shop she may be able to create labels for you! Her etsy shop is Boutique Barn.

  5. Hi! I dont see the directions for the under the sea rice Krispy treats?

    1. Hi, I don't know why that pin is linking to my site! I saved it as inspiration but never ended up making those.

  6. What an absolutely delightful party. Love the sand games too! Great ideas!

  7. How did you make the juice?

    1. I think I mixed blue Hawaiian punch and lemonade...I think!