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Some Things I Plan to Stop Doing and Start Doing in 2017

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As much as New Year's Resolutions get a bad rap, I can't help but think about some things I'd like to start doing and stop doing in the New Year. I'm not being super intense about it because I don't do well with that kind of pressure. But there are a few things...
Stop allowing negativity.
I want to spend less time social media, Facebook specifically. Unfortunately, surfing Facebook mindlessly makes me unhappy. Whether I'm reading an article telling me what a bad mom I am (or what a great mom I would be if I would just do "x"), reading a political piece that makes me want to cry for our country or makes me want to leave it, seeing people bash one another for their differences, reading an opinion I hate, or comparing my real life with someone's highlight just becomes too much. 

All I need is you Lord print
Start reading the bible every. single. day. 
I have a goal to read my bible every single day this year. I used to be pretty good at this but to be honest, ever since kids entered the picture it's been spotty. The purpose of this goal isn't to check a box or earn God's love (there's nothing I can do, positive or negative, for him to love me any more than He already does. I'm certain of that). It's to have an answer to the hope that lies within me (I Peter 3:15). It's to give me hope (hope deferred makes the heart sick, Proverbs 3:12). It's really simple. Everything I do feeds my faith or it feeds my flesh. Almost everything we take in without trying is secular (i.e. no religious or spiritual basis), and I'd even go so far as to say much of it is hedonistic. Life becomes about me. How to be happy. How to attain wealth. How to look good. How to be right. But spiritual activities like reading the bible, attending church, worshiping God through music, and serving others feed my spirit. Whatever I feed will grow. I want my spirit to grow vs. my selfish and secular tendencies. That might sound harsh but it doesn't feel that way. It actually feels so right when I look to God's word for answers and comfort rather than the news, my Facebook feed, or within.
You are Enough Print
Stop with the self doubt
I shared a bit on Instagram about my insecurity. I often doubt myself and my abilities. I am also overly critical of myself. In 2017 that stops.

I get up a half hour before Genevieve to read the bible without distraction. Last year, I ditched making a cup of coffee because it took too long. But 30 minutes still isn't enough time for prayer and bible reading. I want to make it more of a habit to walk and talk with God. In this phase of life it's tough to have a sit down talk with God. But I find if I focus on chatting with Him while I do dishes, make the kids' lunch, or drive to and from school, I'm spending time with Him without being locked in a "prayer closet." Holla if you grew up in church and you know what that is! It's kind of a "practicing the presence" approach.

Stop driving distracted.
You guys. I'm guilty. I hate to admit it. My phone beeps and I look at it. A notification pops up while I'm using GPS and I glance at it. I come to a light and I answer a text. It's not just my phone. It's passing out snacks, refereeing fights, finding the Kidz Bop CD, whatever. It's all bad. I would never forgive myself if someone was hurt because I glanced at a text at the wrong time.This year I began silencing my phone when I get in the car. I don't look at it until I get where I'm going. It's so freeing. 

Start eating better.
The Whole 30 anyone? I'm a glutton for punishment. haha, glutton. Get it? I started Whole 30 on January 3rd after completing it September 7th of last year. I'm going to save details for another post but overall I loved my experience doing it and it made a difference in my life! I plan to continue my journey to eating less sugar, less processed foods, and more whole, organic, good-for-you foods. Whole 30 is HARD. I know they say it's not--they say beating cancer is hard. Overcoming addiction is hard. Giving birth is hard. They are right. But I'm not takin it back! This year I also want to be better at incorporating the Whole 30 principles with the kids. I plan to focus a bit more on their diet than I have in the past.
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Stop overspending. (Start using cash).
When I use cash, overspending stops. I was in Target today with $40. And I needed big boy undies (potty training! yikes!) which were $10. I knew when I went in, I would not, could not spend over $40 and it worked. If I'd been using a card that storage sale would've gotten me. Oh and I love this modern global decor collection. Like SO much. I want it all. Anyway...
nothing haunts us like the things we didn't buy
Start exercising.
Join a Gym. Really, that's it. I become martyr mom when I think of paying big bucks monthly to join a gym. But I have to do it. I've tried, but working out at home just doesn't happen for me. Can you tell how uninspired I am here? I think I need this outfit to start. ;)
Everything hurts and I'm dying workout tank top
Stop spreading myself too thin.
Or, Uh, decide what I want to be when I grow up? I'll admit I'm a hot mess here. I recently began a photography company and while I love it, it takes a lot of time. Like a lot. And then there's this little blog I love! And then there's the whole mom thing which is my most important job. I feel pulled in different directions and I don't like it. I've improved greatly in housekeeping but if you saw my home you'd be sad that it's an improvement! Ha! And when I have a free moment, I don't know if I should photograph a DIY, finally set up a photography website, do the laundry, or play with the kids. I need to sit down and figure out my priorities. Maybe my constant praying will help. ;)

To sum it up I want to limit negativity, read my bible daily, pray more, drive safer, eat better, work out, use cash, and figure out my priorities. Man, I'm sounding like a real winner here aren't I? But I named this blog Pretty Real for a reason. These are real goals from a gal who doesn't have it all together.

What are your goals this year? We don't have to call them New Year's Resolutions! What would you like to start doing or stop doing in 2017? I'd love to hear them!

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