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Genevieve's 'Let's Make a Rainbow' Care Bears Party

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care bears party
Christmas is over! I'm sad but my excitement in sharing Genevieve's Care Bears party is taking the edge off. ;) I have to say, this one was definitely a favorite. Maybe it's because I loved Care Bears as a kid and now the girls enjoy it 30 20 years later 😉. Or it might be the larger than life Cheer Bear on the snack table. ha! Either way, this was a fun one with lots of simple and budget friendly ideas for anyone looking to throw a similar Care Bears party!

Birthday girl at a rainbow Care Bears party

rainbow party ideas

When Genevieve requested a Care Bears party I knew I'd focus on rainbows. It goes with Care Bears, Genevieve loves them, and it gave me something tangible to build off of. The theme song of the Care Bears show is "Let's Make a Rainbow" so I used that tag line for the back drop.

Snacks at a Care Bears Rainbow Party

Aside from the snack table, there really wasn't much decor. Lately I'm loving focusing on one fun table, a few activities, and a favor. If you lack time or a party planning budget this is a manageable way to throw a cute party.

Party Pretties:

Once I found modern rainbow inspiration (it's harder than you think!), I decided to add mod clouds to the set up. I purchased 5 pieces of white poster board for $3, free handed the cloud, and then used it as a template for the others. I can't believe I lucked out in finding this massive bear on clearance. It's bigger than Dax and totally made the table. And the girls LOVE it.
Huge Stuffed Care Bear at a Care Bears Rainbow Party

I had the fun sign made by Grace and Guy Paperie. The napkins were a fun add and the tassel garland was  an easy DIY using streamers.

rainbow party

The tassel garland was surprisingly fun to make. The girls even made some of their own to decorate a card for grandma. You just cut streamers into 3 or 4 strips, lay them on top of each other, fold them in half, cut strips up to about an inch from the top/fold, carefully open it up, and then carefully roll the flat part and twist it into the loop. It's so easy and with .97 streamers, inexpensive too. Note: If you need picture directions, check out this pin.

Drink at a Rainbow Party in a glass bottle with a striped straw

I could not have been more obsessed with these bottles. My kids are finally old enough (minus Dax!) to use them for parties. I loved finding a way to use this fun gift wrap. Adding the striped straw adorned with glittery clouds was a party planner's dream. It's the little things people. Side note: deets on the cute cloud straw topper are in this Instagram.

Rainbow Fruit Skewers at a Care Bears Party

Lately, I try to include some healthy options on my snack tables. These skewers were perfect in every way- delicious, pretty, and healthy.
Little boy eating a rainbow fruit skewer

Pink wafer cookies for a Rainbow Party

Rainbow Twizzlers, Rainbow Gumballs, Rainbow Fruit Skewers

Rainbow twizzlers at a Rainbow party

Cups of confetti popcorn for a care bears party

Chocolate covered strawberries with sprinkles

6 layered Rainbow Naked Cake

Coloring station at a Care Bears Party
Printing out free coloring pages never seems to get old! The kids always enjoy it. I spend .50 on crayons and that's it!
Painting station for an art party or a rainbow party

I wish I'd gotten better photos of the painting set up. It was so darn cute. The adorable (and dirt cheap!) smocks were my favorite!
Smocks and paint trays for an art party or a rainbow party

Smocks and paint trays for an art party or a rainbow party

Girl painting at an art party or rainbow party

Girl holding painting at a rainbow party

 Decorating Cupcakes
Girls decorating cupcakes at a Rainbow Party or an art party

Decorating a Cupcake at a Rainbow Party

Decorate a cupcake at an Art Party
These paint trays are SO perfect for decorating cupcakes.
decorate a cupcake at a care bears party

cupcake party

The kids also played a few group games thanks to my super helpful mama. This party was fun and I lucked out with great weather! 

6 layered naked rainbow cake with red, pink, yellow, green, blue, and purple cake
This cake though. ♥

My big girl is SEVEN. I can hardly believe it. She's grown so much over the past year. It would take a separate post to articulate all the feels (but this one hits some of them!). Going from toddler mom to big kid mom has been fun and I can't wait to experience more firsts with my sweet Genevieve.

I purchased most items in person (and a handful on amazon). But here are some links for reference. *Affiliate links

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