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Jesus-Centered Advent Activities Your Kids Will Love

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Christmas books for your little one
I love advent. I love the anticipation of Christmas and how advent calendars and activities help us focus on the reason for the season. When you've grown up as a Christian, sometimes extraordinary matters of the faith, become all too ordinary. Advent helps refocus me (and my kiddos) on how extraordinary the birth of Christ truly is. While we do all of the usual stuff- shopping and eating and gifting and decorating and SANTA and the elf, I want my littles to look back and have clear memories of celebrating Jesus at Christmas time. While not all of these activities have a spiritual focus, they can all be tools to refocus your family and to anticipate the most wonderful time of the year.

Manger scene interactive advent from focus on the family
Interactive Manger Scene. Last year we did this interactive advent. You might have caught my instastory describing the 'aha moment' I had when I realized why I loved it so much. Two words: paper dolls. ha! Each night, after you read the devotional, you cut out one animal or figure and add it to the manger scene. There's also a "gift" to cut out and hang up. The kids loved it, though it was a bit long for Dax. It doesn't appear that there's an updated version for this year- I plan to adjust the dates. There are also a bunch for 2018 from Focus on the Family here.

Paper Chain countdown to Christmas from the Caravan Shoppe
Paper Chain printable  (less than $3!)
Paper Chain Printable. If you are one who doesn't like to overshoot (the holidays can be so jam-packed and having to remember to do anything every single night can be tough! I'm with you!), this paper chain countdown is a great activity. This one isn't a spiritual countdown but it would be easy enough to add a scripture to each link. The only caveat: your kids will fight over who gets to cut the ring each night. Maybe you're smarter than I am and you'll print two. ;)

Advent Devotional. My sister-in-law gifted us this advent book. At the time, I knew it was too advanced (read: long) for the kids. I held onto it though because it was so beautiful. I might try it this year- if you have older kiddos (mine are 9, 7, and 4) this one might work for you.
Christmas books for little ones
Ledge Shelf  |  Elf book  |  sadly his PJs are sold out but are from here

A Christmas story (a night). This one I accidentally stumbled upon. My girlfriend would wrap and read a Christmas book each night as her advent. I loved the idea but knew that was well beyond my organizational capabilities. (insert shoulder shrug emoji). But my mom who is a lover of books has gifted us Christmas books over the years (many of them with a spiritual component) and one year I realized I was reading a Christmas book each night! Many of the books are of the Christmas story, so the spiritual message is present. I love that it's easy enough to happen on its own. If you are an overachiever, go ahead and wrap those books girl. Here are some Christmas books (some of which we own and love):

Must have Christmas books for kids

Jesus Storybook Bible Advent Reading. Lastly, I've discussed the Jesus Storybook Bible before here. If you don't own it, get it! You can find reading schedules like this one, and then simply use the Bible as your advent. This book is so amazing at explaining how the Old Testament is relevant to the New Testament ("Every story whispers his name") and I also love how it breaks down complicated truths in the most poetic way.

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For more Christmas traditions, check out this post. And this post includes gifts to nourish your little one's soul. Oh and also, this nativity set sings and lights up and is our favorite!

Merry Christmas! ♥ 

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