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Dax's Camp-y, Military-Inspired Big Boy Room Mood Board

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A Vintage Modern Boy's Room

I've worked on Dax's room on and off and on again. I've purchased a few things here and there and rearranged and randomly bought a new twin bed at 1 am. But what I haven't done is sit down and think about what I want it to look like and then take intentional steps toward that goal. So this is me doing that. If you're planning a kid space, hopefully, you can glean some inspo!

A Vintage Modern Boy's Room
Bed  |  Curtains  |  Nightstand  |  Comforter  |  Wanderer Pillow (mine is a DIY dupe)  |  Moroccan Pouf

Cozy Throw Pillow  |  Dinosaur Night Light  |  Lamp  |  Pennant  |  Map Tapestry

Speaking of inspiration, months ago, I saw this image in the Crate & Kids catalog and made a mental note. Unfortunately, I didn't physically tear it out (I thought I did!) but after some digging I found the image to refer back to! 

Dax's Camp-y, Military-Inspired Big Boy Room Mood Board
I love the whimsy of floating dowels (slats?) on the wall. While I would have loved to bump the wall out and add that little shelf, his room is small as it is so my goal is to simply adhere posts to the wall (type still TBD) and color block the paint, much like I did here

Here's another option I considered and still love. It's also nice to see how blue and white look together, here.
Dax's Camp-y, Military-Inspired Big Boy Room Mood Board

Dax and I both love camo-  me having grown up as an army brat and Dax having donned camo tees, sweats, and anything else I could find until he magically liked it all on his own (see how that works?). And though I've always loved tribal/camp-y vibes (his nursery is an example), he really is a fun little adventurer who loves the outdoors and nature. I want his room to reflect all those elements. You guys know how I am- this is all subject to change-- but here's what I have so far:

Dax's Camp-y, Military-Inspired Big Boy Room Mood Board

Combat Vehicles Poster $40. I adore this poster and so does Dax. The nod to our military roots is cool and subtle. (also available here).

Modern Black Dome Light. $89. This modern light feels like a good balance to the more vintage touches in the room.

Blue Striped Comforter Set $79. We already have this, and I love it so I'm just going with it. If it ain't broke...

Landmarks Art $20. This fun illustration makes me want to hop on a plane in the worst way. And isn't that the point- adventure!

Swiss Cross Pillow $35. This mod swiss cross pillow has my heart and it looks much more expensive than it is. 

Washed Linen Lumbar pillow. $20. Not sure if this will stay (he has a couple of pillows that we love already) but sometimes things just jump into my cart at Target. 

Clark + Kensington Gothic Iron $35. The perfect moody, muddy blue. I love it so much. (The top portion will be Clark + Kensington Silent White which will keep things from getting too dark).

Black Swing Arm Sconce $72. I may spray paint this sconce. His bed is brown ("bronze") and I think a black lamp right next to it will bug me. But I like its shape. It was a gifted item so I'm trying to work with it!

Phases of the Moon Art. $29. Not necessarily camp-y (although moon gazing while camping isn't such a stretch. ;)) but one thing I did in the girls' room that worked was to just put a lot of what they loved in there, vs. sticking to just "rainbows" or "unicorns." And Dax loves space (remember this?!).

Gray Lantern Lamp. $20 (but on sale for just $12 right now!). I mean this cutie just makes sense.

Stump Side Table. $75. This was just $55 when I first stumbled across it and how mad am I that I didn't snag it then?! But it's so perfect! Target also has a version.

Retro Alarm Clock. $22. I surprised myself by adding touches of red but I'm kind of loving the red, white, and blue as another subtle nod to the military. 

Oak Finish Cubby Storage. $230. This price hurt but I want plenty of room for Dax's stuff and all his books. And a surface to style (that will later be littered with LEGO bricks) never hurt anyone. ;) But this is a less expensive option. 

Bed. $198. A super cute vintage/modern, affordable bed that we already have.

Rug. $260. We have this already and I'll share more about it this month, but I was looking for something more geometric/mod. This one is really soft and fits the bill. 

And there's more- Some things we have already- vintage books, a vintage toolbox, a cute copper lantern, etc. I'm also awaiting a few items like a mod mirror, fun baskets (this one is on sale!), a shelf also on sale, and still trying to find the perfect curtains (considering these and these) but we're on our way!

UPDATE- See how the room turned out right here!

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