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The Year of Paint and Progress- What We Accomplished in 2020!

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Magical shared sisters room

I'm trying to be better at celebrating progress. I'm the type who accomplishes something and is immediately thinking about what I need to do next. Or wishing I'd done more. I'm working on giving myself a break and celebrating progress over perfection. You should join me! Let's kick it off by sharing the progress made in 2020. Despite all its drama, 2020 was a big year in many ways. It's the first time my sole job wasn't being a mom (since 2011!), it's the year I went from 2000 followers to 32,000, and it's the year I could finally stop using air quotes when I described the blog as my job. Here's what I did with a little more time on my hands, make that what WE did, as Joe and I 'stayed home' all spring.

1. Built a Pergola

Before and After Back Patio

DIY Modern Pergola

DIY Stained Pergola

Technically we did this in 2019, but 2020 was the year I finally shared the details and the year we finally stained it. It was even featured on Emily Henderson's site. Jaw's still on the floor. 

2. Office Nook

Before and After of an awkward space turned office nook

A place for me to work and the kids to do remote learning if needed (we haven't yet- knock on wood), plus a place for me to style shelves- which, let's be honest- was half the reason I built it. ;) Also of note- this is the first time I participated in the One Room Challenge! And another note- it was featured on Emily Henderson's site AND in Real Simple Magazine. Pretty Real Blog is in print, you guys!

3. Revealed a Magical Shared Room for the girls!

Magical Shared Room for Sisters

A Magical Shared Room for Sisters

I love their room so much. It's evolved quite a bit in the 5 years we've been here and I finally feel like it's 'finished.' Just in time for Genevieve to move out because she's 11 going on 16 and homegirl needs her space. Another note- it was featured in NEST magazine. I couldn't be prouder. Plus the street cred I got with the girls is priceless.

4. A Hall Tree Refresh

Hall Tree Painted with Sherwin Williams Pottery Urn

Hall Tree Painted with Sherwin Williams Pottery Urn

Honestly, this was supposed to be a 'drop zone' reveal but I got busy. ha! But I did paint the hall tree in a color that felt like a risk. I also swapped the hooks and light fixture. I shared my plans for it here. Look for it to be completed this year!

5. Progress in the Owner's Suite

Owner's Bath Painted in Farrow & Ball Dead Salmon (Matched at Home Depot at 3/4 Strength)

We painted our master bath, swapped the mirrors (and then swapped again with these!), and the faucets, and added a full-length mirror...and I finally got a duvet cover I like (it's this one). 

6. Progress in the Loft

Family Room with Large Grey Sectional and DIY Picture Ledge

DIY Ledge Shelf

I made a little progress in the loft by hanging this DIY ledge shelf but more importantly, I accomplished my goal of making something out of wood BY MYSELF. Yes, it's tiny. But still. I shared all about it, here.

7. Created a Craft Closet

Closet turned Craft Storage

Closet turned Craft Storage

Another work-with-what-you-have project that's proved to be so useful! Can't wait to add a little more organization to it this year.

And of course, in between, I did fun and quick projects like a cute Christmas porch, a dining refresh, swapping rugs in Dax's room and the office, and much, much more that I didn't share because bad blogger!

I'm super excited about what 2021 will bring and I'm glad you're along for the ride!

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