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A Magical Shared Room for Sisters - This is it!

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A boho bedroom with a colorful vintage inspired rug and rattan beds
Hey friends! At last, I bring you the girls' shared bedroom! It's a little luxe, a little magical, and a little bit boho. I've been working on it for forever, changing my mind often, and teasing it for months. Ha! But I'm calling it done even with a few projects I want to tackle later. The girls are happy; I'm happy! So do you want to see it?
Note: I've peppered sources underneath each photo but included them all at the end. Many of the items aren't available anymore or are thrifted, vintage, etc. I noted it and tried to include similar items where possible!

One day I'd love a wider chest between their beds- maybe thrifted? But for now, their little nightstand has lots of storage for its size. Oh and I'm a sucker for twin beds side by side. ♥

A boho bedroom with a colorful vintage inspired rug and rattan beds
headboards vintage (similar here)  |  nightstand  |  rainbow art  |  unicorn bust 

Here's the view from the door, toward the bed - and I think my favorite view. The sunlight shines in, in the evening, and gives it a glowy, warm vibe I just adore!

A boho bedroom with a colorful vintage inspired rug and rattan beds

And here's the view from the door but looking toward the dresser. There's a little space in front of the door leading into the room so it's challenging to get the entire room in one shot.
A boho bedroom with a colorful vintage inspired rug and rattan beds
 hamper/thrifted  |  dresser  |  rug  |  hooks (similar)  |  mirror sold out |  lamp  |  "gather" art

Dresser styling with a rainbow book set, brass bookends, and a mini table lamp
books  |  lamp  |  bookends sold out

This photo (below) is older so the styling is slightly different (should we play the "what's different?" game)? :)
Beautiful boho gallery wall over a bright white dresser
mirror  |  dresser  |  Books   |  lamp  |  pom basket  |  pink CD player  |  "gather" art 

Speaking of that little space, this shot (below) was taken from it. Around the corner is their little ledge bookshelf. And it's the perfect place for a mirror. The mirror was a $5 back to school find!

A boho bedroom with a colorful vintage inspired rug and rattan beds
rug (and here)  |  light fixture  |  similar bow hook  |  quilt  |  knit blanket

Here's that little ledge shelf. Originally we had a 3 shelf bookshelf there but it protruded a bit much and felt cluttered. I replaced it with these ledge shelves and stored extra books in bins underneath their beds.  I know the days are numbered of cute cover titles, but for now, I love displaying them. The Book with No Pictures is one of the kids' all-time faves and cracks them up time and time again! 

Book Ledges with POC books
Ledge Shelves (similar in white)  |  I shared most of the books, here.  |  Not So Different book  |  canvas wall hanging is no longer available

Book Ledges for a Shared GIrls' Room

Ok, let's turn our attention to their little lounge chair. I wanted them to have a place other than their beds to read or chill. But TBH, they just use their beds and my oldest hangs out in a pile of soft blankets in between the window and her bed (she's rapidly approaching the teen years. make it stop). But this sure is cute. The chair was a Walmart back to school find and isn't currently available. If they were a little older and a little less destructive, I'd replace it with one of these and I guarantee it would get more use. ;) 
A Boho Shared Room with A colorful vintage inspired rug

Ok, can we talk about their beds and bedding? The #1 most asked about item in the room is the vintage rattan headboard (well maybe it's a tie between those and the rug). I shared an entire post of similar options but just came across this one! It's perfect! As for the bedding, one of the reasons I had a hard time here (I tried so many options!) is because I thought when you design a room, you use a duvet. That' what everyone does right? You can see in this post, I went with white duvets. But a) I later learned that I sort of hate duvets and b) the girls really wanted more color. The direction changed quite a bit from that look (and I mourn those shaggy pillows, daily.) once I bought the rug. This is why I love the advice to start with the rug. It's the hardest thing to find and everything sort of revolves around it! But I digress. I then tried comforters (You can see that look here). But they were a bit too much color. Plus they were cheaply made and the batting started coming apart. I fought trying another option for a while but finally pulled the trigger on the quilts and I'm so glad I did! I just love how clean a quilt with a throw, comforter, or twin blanket at the foot of the bed looks- especially in a kids' room.
Boho shared bedroom with rattan beds and a colorful vintage inspired rug
headboard (similar)  |  quilt + sham   |  round pillow  |  tassel pillow  |  global pillow  |  nightstand  |  lamp  |  rainbow art  |  unicorn bust  |  rug  |   the knit blanket isn't available everywhere- I love the idea of this comforter on the end of the bed even more!

One of the things I'd still love to do is paint those closet doors! Black? Pink? 
Boho shared bedroom with rattan beds

That afternoon glow, though...
A boho shared bedroom for girls with rattan beds and luxe curtains

Before we swing back over to the dresser, let's talk about the window wall. I love the light two windows brings but it also means an entire wall that's kind of unusable. I figured I might as well use it to create a moment and these dramatic bronze curtains do just that. Besides the fact that they're more exciting than the average curtain, they also block the light really well. No liner is needed! If you buy these curtains (and you should totally check them out- they come in 6 colors and are gorgeous) just hang them with strong clips or use the rod pocket. I tried to be fancy and use drapery liner + rings and it's turning into a bit of a pain.

Luxe Curtains in a shared boho girls' room

Now, let's talk about this light. I absolutely love it! We had like 10 boob lights in this home (not including fans) and I've only replaced a few but it feels so good every time! This light is the 3 light version but it also comes in a smaller (and even less expensive) 2 light version.

Brass Light Fixture and Luxe Velvet Curtains in a Shared Girls Room

And now a few more pictures and details just for fun. You are having fun right?
Gallery Wall and Dresser Styling with macrame and rattan accents

A Magical Shared Room for Sisters!

A Magical Shared Room for Sisters!
The girls love the faux fiddle!

I'm trying to be quiet, but I have to talk about this lamp! I know I will regret not buying one for myself because it's SO good. I didn't even realize it was a touch option with 3 settings which works great since they've now broken 2 light switches on lamps (who knew to turn a lamp on and off was so challenging? haha). Now they just touch that gold base and let there be light. It is a lot of glass- I intended to use a command strip to keep it in one spot but so far they've been gentle (I think it helps that they love it and don't want it to break).

Nightstand Styling in a Kids Room

Boho Girls' Room with Rattan Bedding and Luxe Velvet Curtains

A Magical Shared Room for Sisters!

Loloi Skye Gold/Blush Rug

Well, I think you've seen everything! This was a labor of love and though I got to this point in a really roundabout way (haha), I love it and so do the girls!


RUG - ours is the largest size. Check here too, to compare price.

Knit Blanket - this would be so cute at the end of the bed, too.
Previous pink bedding no longer available

Headboard- vintage. My fave alternatives are here and here and here. Round up of boho headboards, here.
Macrame Chair unavailable
Book Ledges - love this one too

Curtains (price is for TWO panels- very affordable!)

Faux fur pillow- World market/unavailable
Hamper- thrifted
Butterfly Bookends- unavailable but try this + this!


Rainbow Art + Frame painted with this
Bow Hooks - vintage, similar
Other Frames- TJ Maxx
Other items- no longer available
Pink Mirror- Walmart/unavailable
Dresser Mirror- Target/unavailable

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