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The PERFECT Coffee Table plus Other Woven Coffee Tables I Love

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If you're a long time reader, you know we've been on the struggle bus with the living room for years. It just never feels quite right. While I can't say we've nailed it (yet), we are much closer with the addition of this amazing coffee table. We've never had one that really fit the space and while I truly loved our previous one, I finally found a woven round coffee table I loved, saved up, and bought it- picture me jumping up and down, please.
The PERFECT Coffee Table plus Other Woven Coffee Tables I Love

Coffee Table (also here) |  Rug (West Elm/sold out - this one is similar or this one) |  Vase  |  Faux Stems  |  Bead Garland  |  Sofa  |  Curtains

Design Advice I'm Leaning Into

"Budget" is relative but to me, this table is spendy. I've been leaning into the advice that every room can be leveled up with one high quality piece. In other words, have a splurge in every room. I saved quite a bit by buying extremely inexpensive sofas (at 40% off!) so this purchase was totally justified. ;)  If you're like me- a budget shopper at heart- you know that sometimes before you realize it, you have a room full of "steals," that don't work well together and that you don't love. But please note: a 'splurge' means something different for everyone. It may mean while most of your space is second-hand, you save up for one brand new item from Target. I'm sensitive to budget because for a long time we didn't have much to work with and I'd find myself frustrated by bloggers/influencers who seemed oblivious to the fact that sometimes our priorities meant that a splurge-y piece wasn't in the cards any time soon. So hear me when I say, you can have a beautiful room on a small budget. But I know from experience that it takes more creativity and more patience! 

The PERFECT Coffee Table plus Other Woven Coffee Tables I Love
Vase  |  Stems  |  Bead Garland

Coffee Table Review

If you're interested in this table, a few things: there's no storage- it has felt lining on the bottom so you can't hide things underneath it. I was also almost scared off by the fact that the top isn't reinforced. Shout out to Frengpartyof6 who had the table for a year with 3 little boys (and one teenage girl) with no issues. She helped convince me to go for it! (Hi Chelsey!). Though it's not reinforced, it's very sturdy so normal use shouldn't hurt it. However, if a kid tries to stand on it, that may be a different story. I may not have purchased it 2 years ago but my youngest is 7 now so I *think* we're safe! I love its generous size (42" diameter) and woven texture so much. This room needed something substantial enough to ground all the other pieces and this does it!

The PERFECT Coffee Table plus Other Woven Coffee Tables I Love

Coffee Table Round-Up 

Here are some of my other favorite woven coffee tables- many of which I considered. Oh and a note about delays- my advice is to 'get in line.' It's not going to get better any time soon so you might as well just order the darn thing. I ordered our table back in July or August and it just arrived last week. But it's here now!

These are all heart eyes but  124, and 9 are my favorites. Honestly though, I love them all! My friend is an interior designer and used 3 in a beach home and it was SO good. I regret not buying it for our family room loft5 has the best price. 2 is the biggest and I love that it's available in black-10! I have a basket the color of 6 and it looks so good with everything. And I'd say 9 was my strongest runner up. I love the wood top on 7 and the use of classic rattan (and price!) of 8. Make sure to check dimensions but these are all so good and most of them are ready to ship! 

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  1. It looks amazing. And I really appreciate the sensitivity to budget. I can’t tell you how many times something was called “inexpensive” or a “steal” in a blog and it was more than I could afford even if I saved for months. I did so many cool things with my house when I was broke. It just takes creativity and patience, like you said.