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The Spaces We Tackled in 2021!

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Dax's Room Before and After:

In January, I worked with Ace Hardware to renovate Dax's room. It was a super fun and quick renovation and we were so happy with how it turned out. 

Dax's Vintage Modern Boys' Room

Dax's Room- Modern Wall Treatment, Color Blocked Paint, and Military/Adventure Touches!

Check out all the paint details  here and full room details here!

Dining Room Before/December 2019:

In March, Joe and I added trim to the dining room. I never thought we'd be able to do this ourselves and am so proud of it! The dining room itself has evolved quite a bit, hasn't it?

Dining Room Before/February 2020:

I love that this refresh showed how you can work with what you have to refresh a space. This new look was so much better and all I purchased was a tablecloth and mirror! You can read about it here.

Dining Room After/March 2021:

Simple and Neutral Small Dining Space with Woven Touches and Large Art

See the dining room decked out for Christmas here, the box trim tutorial here.

The Loft Before and After

In June, I was a featured designer for the One Room Challenge! I documented an 8 week room transformation for the loft. It included the biggest DIY Joe and I have ever tackled, a new paint color, and all new furnishings. 

Our DIY Built-Ins Painted Sherwin Williams Accessible Beige

Cozy Family Room Painted Benjamin Moore Coriander Seed

See the loft reveal and all the posts leading up to it, here.

Primary Bedroom Before and After:

In August, our bedroom got a little glow up with a new bed, and then in November, we added a new rug. This room is coming together beautifully but just like most spaces in my home, it's been a slow evolution. You know what? I'm ok with it. 

Sherwin Williams Cascades

Our Modern and Cozy Primary Bedroom

See the latest primary bedroom post here.

Pantry Before and After:

In September we tackled a few smaller projects (although TBH, the pantry didn't feel small). The pantry is possibly my favorite project from 2021 because it is so dang useful and makes me smile literally every time I open it. But wait, the gallery wall is my favorite too. You know what? Never mind- I can't choose.

An organized and pretty pantry with room for food

A Stylish Pantry with Lots of Food Storage

A Stylish Pantry with Lots of Food Storage

Check out the pantry tutorial here and how to tips for creating a pretty and organized pantry, here.

Gallery Wall Before and After:

While the gallery wall wasn't a huge renovation, it was a project I'd been wanting to tackle for at least a year, maybe more. I'm so happy with how it turned out if you can't tell.  

A Super Sized Modern Eclectic Gallery Wall

A Super Sized Modern Eclectic Gallery Wall
Check out the full post with tips and sources here!

And the Living Room deserves to be mentioned- much like our bedroom, it's evolved over time. The living room has a challenging layout to say the least- it's a small room, open concept, has no full walls, and a corner fireplace. It's been my nemesis and after lots of trial and error, this is what it looks like now. There may be more iterations but it's finally coming together!

A Mid-Century Modern Living Room

Our living room- A little bit boho, A little bit classic

Classic Modern Living Room with lots of Texture

Classic Modern Living Room with lots of Texture

See the latest living room post here.

The Guest Bath Refresh

The guest bath was another non-renovation that made a world of difference. It went from being quite neglected and embarrassing to being warm and welcoming. I love that it didn't involve power tools (other than a drill) and was budget-friendly.

Why yes, I could've cleaned it first. 

A Quick and Easy Guest Bath Update!

A Quick and Easy Guest Bathroom Refresh

Check out the bathroom post here (sources not linked in that post are the marble shelf and the mirror).

I'm the type that focuses more on what I haven't done or need to do so it was rewarding to look back on how far we've come! Highly recommend the exercise! What improvements did you make to your home in 2021?

Stay tuned for our list of which spaces we'll tackle in 2022!

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  1. Wow Tiffany, you really accomplished a lot this year! I'm so impressed with your initiative and design style.

  2. Wow nicer updates in 2021