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My Favorite Source for Affordable Art

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My Favorite Source for Affordable Art
I have so many thoughts on adding art to your home that I'm having trouble knowing where to start...Ironically, that's exactly how I felt about art two years ago- I barely had any art in my home. When I'd peruse art, I'd feel overwhelmed. I'd think of all of these "rules," like the art should be shouldn't match the should move your soul. At the same time, with a limited budget, art that "moved my soul" just wasn't a helpful parameter.
My Favorite Source for Affordable Art
Art: Glencoe by Mande Calhoun-Gaffney  |  Rug  |  Chairs  |  Basket Tray  |  Vase  |  Table

Enter Juniper Print Shop. I'd heard of "Jenny's Print Shop" before but hadn't really paid attention until shortly before they rebranded and expanded. I don't remember exactly when I fell in love with Juniper Print Shop (aside from adoring their founder, but more on her later) but I can say they changed the art game for me! And now, they have a new product I have to tell you about. Oh! And an amazing product that will launch soon that you'll get to preview right here. right now. Get excited.

My Favorite Source for Affordable Art
Art: Glencoe by Mande Calhoun-Gaffney

Ok so what's the big deal? What makes Juniper Print Shop special?

First, they are affordable. Like, really affordable. You can get a beautiful digital download that can be printed in sizes up to 24x36 for just $20. If you prefer their oversized art printed on the most gorgeous matte paper, it starts at just $139 which is a steal considering the finish, the size, and the big impact it makes in a room. Plus you can use PRETTYREAL15 for 15% off right now (through 6/30)!

My Favorite Source for Affordable Art
Art: Tribeca by Lauren Neilson  | frame  |  brass and leather wall hooks   |  woven console

Speaking of paper, they are now offering canvas prints. Cue confetti! The canvas is stunning and looks extremely high end. It's also a bit more durable. The large prints you see here are canvas.

My Favorite Source for Affordable Art

Shallow by Lauren Nielson

My Favorite Source for Affordable Art

For the oversized prints, I use the IKEA Bjorksta frame. I usually spray paint them but in the last photo, you can see one I left black.

Another pro- you don't need a glass frame for either the paper prints or the canvas. That cuts costs considerably and the paper is so beautiful and looks great with or without glass. And now, with their canvas offering, it's even more convenient to skip the glass.

My Favorite Source for Affordable Art
Art: Shallow/Lauren Neilson  |  Dahlia Throw pillow    |  Striped Throw Pillow  |  Blush Throw Pillow  Throw Blanket  |  Rug

Lastly, Juniper Print Shop offers a curated collection. Jenny has been a designer for over 15 years working with clients and magazines and is also an artist- the perfect combination for choosing lovely fresh, modern, and vintage art pieces for the shop (and adding her own works!). A curated collection is much easier to shop from than a big art retailer where analysis paralysis sets in. It makes the task of finding art you love less daunting.

My Favorite Source for Affordable Art
Art: Coastline/Jillian Goulding   |  Other bedroom sources here and here

To summarize, there's always something that I love in the shop, they add new pieces periodically, and yes- many of the pieces move my soul. I guess what I'd love to get across is if you're stuck when it comes to art- whether it's your budget or your lack of direction- Juniper is a great place to start. And guys, it keeps getting better.

Ok, I promised a sneak preview. These beautiful frames are coming to the shop soon! Cue Confetti again! There's not an exact launch date just yet but I will let you know the moment they drop! I'm glad they sent me a few so that I can tell you- they're absolutely beautiful in real life and you will NOT be disappointed!

My Favorite Source for Affordable Art
Art: Swan by Aert Schouman + Frame  |   Art: Juniper Tree/Henri Joseph Harpignies  (Frame not yet available)  |  Basket  |  Hand towel


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Don't forget to use code PRETTYREAL15 for 15% off anything in the shop (through 6/30)!

Dining Room 

Paint Color- Benjamin Moore Halo matched at Home Depot

Art: Glencoe/Mande Calhoun- Gaffney 

Frame - spray painted Rustoleum dark copper




Family Room 

Paint Color- Benjamin Moore Coriander Seed

Art: Shallow/Lauren Neilson

Frame spray painted Rustoleum Dark Copper

Art: Tribeca/Lauren Neilson + Frame


Throw Blanket


Paint Color- Farrow and Ball Dead Salmon matched at Home Depot at 75%

Art: Swan/Aert Schouman + Frame

Art: Juniper Tree/Henri Joseph Harpignies (frame preview from Juniper-  not yet available)


Hand Towel

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