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2024 Project Plans

11:57 AM

This is going to be a fun year! Since 2021, we've moved slowly regarding projects. Guys, I'm not 25 anymore. DIY is physical and tires me out. Add to that busy family life with 3 kids, health issues (nothing serious, but enough to affect our capacity for other things), and simply using our budget other places besides renovation, and well...maybe I'm describing burnout. Whatever the reason, both Joe and I decided, this year needs to be a year of progress! We're being realistic about it- we'll never be a couple who pumps out monthly renovations- but we're putting our foot on the gas just a bit and I'm excited for the journey! Here are the home projects we plan to tackle this year not necessarily in order.

1. Entry

The entry has definitely improved- take a look at that before! We wallpapered it and added Crown Moulding which were major upgrades. However, it doesn't function well for our family. In August, I ditched the console table for a the prettiest bench and this year we'll finally make it beautiful and functional. Our plans include adding trim and pegs to the wall, swapping the rug and light fixture, and giving it a fresh coat of paint. 

2. Guest Bath

Almost immediately after painting, I hated the guest bath color. Since the photo above, our sink has cracked and the floors have sustained water damage. Since it's a space guests see, it's becoming harder and harder to unsee. Frankly, bathrooms intimidate me. So far, we've added added wall treatments, trim, art, and paint to our bathroom and the kids' bath, but have never done a full renovation. This one won't be too crazy- the footprint will stay the same but we'd like to add beadboard (maybe wallpaper?) a new vanity, toilet, and flooring. We also plan to make the little nook into a utility closet. Can we do it? Stay tuned to see!

3. Primary Bedroom-ish

Primary Bedroom Sources (rust bedding here, rug here)

I've never planned our primary bedroom outside of an initial coat of paint (side note: it's Sherwin Williams Cascades and hands down my most asked about paint color) and bed purchase. Everything in the room has always slowly evolved- often due to collaborations- but without the kind of thought and intention needed to really make it sing. Our plans for this room include flooring, wall trim, and new furnishings. I say "ish" because depending on budget, it may just be flooring and paint this year. We'll see...

4. Kids' Playroom

At one point, we made the playroom into a temporary guest room. Shortly after that, it became storage while we renovated the office. And it just hasn't recovered. It used to be adorable and organized but lately, it's largely ignored. Dax loves to lug our extra TV in there (anyone else have a TV that doesn't technically have a home?) and game but with no seating or TV stand, it's a sad set up for sure. We plan to add a loveseat and a TV and sideboard. If space permits, we'll add some sort of game (maybe a small foosball table or wall mounted arcade game?), and small table for Lego or crafting. Of course I plan to add fun decor and accessories and I've been dying to wallpaper a ceiling...Let's see what we come up with!

5. Carpet

I told Joe what I don't want is to replace the carpet just before listing the house. I want to enjoy it while we're still in this house. We were starting down that path last year until a few unexpected and costly repairs hit. Following those expenses, we took several big [read expensive] trips and no regrets. ha. But it's time!

6. Kids' Bath

I still love the kids' bath. It just needs a little refresh. The flooring is peeling and I'm afraid the subfloor is going to rot if we don't do something about it soon! I grabbed these and can't wait to install them. But I can't stop at replacing the floor. If you give a mouse a cookie...I might as well swap mirrors and maybe the light fixture too. Stay tuned!

We've been in our home for 9 years and I wish it was "finished." At the same time I'm comfortable moving at the speed of cash and our energy level, neither of which is limitless. ha. We haven't touched the laundry room, the garage needs serious help, and our kitchen could use a refresh. But we'll cross that bridge in 2025. By then, everything else will be in a good place and we can really put our all into the heart of our home. And then we'll move. ;)

What are you planning to tackle this year? I'd love to hear about it!

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