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Luxe Velvet Office Chairs and a Review

9:19 AM

Joe has had his office chair for about 6 months now and I thought it was a good time for a review plus I rounded up a bunch of other luxe options starting at $137! Here's the good and the bad about the gorgeous Pottery Barn Masterson Velvet Swivel Office Desk Chair (PS it's on SERIOUS sale right now!):

Luxe Velvet Office Chair- BEST PRICE and a review!

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Note, this chair is also called "Sonn Mid Century Auburn Brown Upholstered Velvet Silver Stainless Steal Office Chair," and "Camden Office Chair in Burnt Auburn"

Comfortable- soft and just the right amount of firmness
Beautiful- how about the velvet and wood arms?! It's the modern touch this room needed.
Swivels and rolls
High Back- we are both 6' tall.
Quality- well made with 'real' materials.

Can't get it wet- we learned this the hard way when Joe sat down after a run. We haven't experimented with this but instructions say wipe with a dry cloth. 
The height is not adjustable- I'd say this is the biggest con. It doesn't push all the way in because of the arms. It works for us but we got lucky. Definitely measure before purchasing.
It was a splurge- but also you get what you pay for? it feels like it will last forever so I'm not sure this is a real con but it's worth mentioning and I don't think it's a pro. haha.

Overall, it was worth it. It's comfortable and beautiful. What more can you ask for?!

Beautiful Velvet Office Chairs starting at just $137.

Luxe Velvet Office Chairs at Every Price!

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