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23 Fun Easter Basket Gift Ideas

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I love to fill an Easter basket! And honestly now that the kids are a little older I love buying fun (and often consumable) goodies for them to enjoy. Add to that lots of activities - water balloons, water guns, slime, Lego kits, etc- and it makes for a fun day. Full disclosure though, I lost my mind and spent way too much on an airup bottle for Dax, so he won't be getting much on this list. ha! Here are my curated Easter Basket Gift ideas for boys and girls around the ages of 7-15! Hope it inspires you! Oh and everything ships super quickly!

1. Olive and June Nail Polish Duo. $9.99. Can someone fill a basket for me cause I want these.

3. Pastel Blend Easter Candy Bunny Cane. $2 How cute is this?! I grabbed 3 obviously.

4. As For Me- Teen Girls' Bible Study Book. $15.99. Great reviews and perfect to remember the reason for the season.

5. Extreme Dot to Dot. $9.95. This is all the rage lately- Dax loves them. 

6. LEGO creator 3 in 1 white rabbit set. $15.99 (less a coupon). Love a busy activity on a holiday.

7. Quick Cube. $8.01. Idea compliments of Dax. He saw one at the book fair and has wanted it ever since.

9. Hershey's Solid Milk Chocolate Cross. $2.24. I love to include spiritual reminders in an Easter Basket and in the form of candy? All the kiddos are like 'yes please.'

10. Bubble Wands. $3.98 for 4You're never too old for bubbles. It's a tradition at this point!

11. Mini Treats Felt Sewing Kit. $14.14. I think Nadia's interest in sewing has passed but maybe it's not too late for you!?

12. Water Blaster. $9.99 for 3. Between these water guns, bubbles, sewing kits, Lego sets, and silly string (I get it from the dollar tree), Easter is gonna be so much fun. ♥

13. Kids' Slides. $10. Flip flops or sandals always make the cut. I also got some for the girls.

14. Kitsch Satin Pillowcase $15.19. This is a curly girlies must have. Love this fun pattern and your tween/teen will too!

15. Laneige glowy lip balm $18. Pricey for sure but your teen will love you for the splurge. 

16. Spa Headband. $6.99. The girls approve! They both have and love their and this one comes in tons of cute colors.

17. Milk Chocolate Hallow Bunny. $4.47. Oh just a cute chocolate bunny, that's all.

18. Touchland hand sanitzer. $16. Another pricey item that's trending. ;)

19. Extreme Geyser Tube Experiment. $14. The fun just won't stop. Perfect for your little man or lady. 

20. The Action Bible, Easter. $11.99. We are big fans of the original Action Bible. I'm just learning about this one but I think Dax will love it.

21. Bubble Fidget Pop It Notebook. $13.99. Nadia used to have one of these and it was well loved!

22. Metallic Slime. $9.49. While I'd love the kids to tire of slime, they still love it- literally all ages, both boys and girls. Can't go wrong!

23. Food Gel Pens. $8.19. Another item on Dax's wish list and since I've always loved miniature anything, I'm happy to oblige. 

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