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26 Easter Basket Gift Ideas, Including my Go-to's

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I've shared before about how we keep Easter gifts simple. But the shopper in me loves to fill their basket with lots of cute finds- and get creative too. Also I'm unashamedly that mom who sneaks some "I would've bought this for you anyway" items in their baskets (new undies anyone?). So here are my go-tos for their basket and a gift guide to go along with it! I'd love to hear what gifts always make it into your kiddos' baskets in the comments!

What I Put in My Kids' Easter Baskets

1. Something tactile like these wooden balance blocks! I thought Dax might be too old for these when I bough them last year but he loves them! And bonus, they're adorable.

2. Bunny Lip Gloss. I love gifting consumables. And the girls love cosmetics. Win/win.

3. Bunny Facial Mist. This is on its way to  me- Genevieve (12) will love it! 

4. A spiritual book/devotional like this prayer journal. Jesus is the reason y'all. This is the latest I bought for my 12 year old. This one makes me tear up (for kids toddlers through about 6).

5. Swimwear- I adore this simple pink one piece. Filed under woulda-bought-it-anyway, but in the best way. It's the only item on the list over $25 but I also love this for an under $25 option!

6. Plus Plus- Filed under something tactile, these are a staple over here. The basic colors come in a blue.

7. Tree Hut Cotton Candy Scrub. Is my daughter the only one obsessed with this?! Perfect for the teen/pre-teen in your life. 

8. Accessories like these Heishi bracelets. Genevieve loves these! Oh and this kit was maybe her favorite Christmas gift! Check here for quick ship options.

9. Dax has these fun blue trunks. They come in 5 colors! I was unsuccessful in getting him to wear the hot pink ones. A mama can try.

10. Bubbles in some form always make it in the basket!

11. Shades. You get a pair of shades. You get a pair! EVERYBODY GETS A PAIR OF SHADES!

12. Stuffed Bunny. Always makes it in but life hack- I reuse the same one over and over. You're welcome. 

13. More accessories. These adorable headbands make me miss the toddler years!

14. Welly bandages. Band-Aids also always make it into their baskets- but this kit is so cute plus this brand has waterproof ones too!

15. Smiley face trucker hat. Another item that's on its way. I'm not mad at the smiley face trend!

16. Bright flip flops (comes with a yellow pair too). See ya later. Heading to the neighborhood pool. 

17. Jump rope. Exercise never looked so cute! Currently under $5!

18. Books. What Makes it Rain? is so educational and fun. Easily one of our all time faves.

19. Olive and June Nail Stickers. so so fun! This line drops on 4/2 and I want it all.

20. Filed under accessories, this smiley face purse has Nadia written all over it. Available 4/2.

21. Something for outdoor play like this Large Watercolor Kite.  Also comes in leopard which I may grab for myself.

22. Something crafty like this Tiny Gardening Kit. Dax is super into gardening- this tiny kit would be perfect!

23. and 24. More books! I reached out to my favorite book expert (hi Emily!) for her spring book recs. The Secret Garden is perfect for older kids, while Over and Under, the Rainforest is perfect for littles!

25. Do slinkies always get tangled? yes. Does that make Dax any less obsessed with them. No. #addstocart

26. Love these kid gardening tools - available in 3 colors!

*note- items may have changed in price. The swimsuit was the only items over $25 when I started this round up!

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