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Extra Old Navy Deal

8:32 AM

Just in case you don't have an Old Navy/Gap/Banana card, you can still find a few great in-store coupons on www.oldnavyweekly.com.  This site hides coupons around the page that you literally have to "find" by simply clicking or performing a sequence of clicking and moving an item.  They are updated weekly, and can usually offer you at least a 15% off coupon or $10 off $50 purchase.  There are better coupons to be had, such as $50 off $100,  but you have to click early and figure out some crazy things to get those!  Here are the locations of this week's coupons, courtesy of one of my favorite blogs for savings galore, Deal Seeking Mom.  These coupons are good through 11/05/09!

  • $50 off $100 Purchase — (GONE) Move all 7 exclamation points next to the words “Must-Have” in the phrase “Michelle’s Winter Must-Have”. Don’t miss the teeny tiny little one next to the word “Vote”.
  • $25 off $100 Purchase — (GONE) Click the yellow fleece in the bottom frame/ Exit out of the 15% off coupon, and click the blue fleece next to it. Click on one of the hearts that pops out.
  • $10 off $50 Purchase — Drag the gloves in girl’s hand to the small blue fleece in the bottom frame.
  • 20% off Purchase — Leaves will fall in the top right frame after a couple of minutes. Be quick and click on one.
  • 15% off Purchase — Click the yellow fleece in the bottom frame.
  • 10% off wyb Plaid — Click on Michelle’s scarf.
I know I've been craving a few of their delightful winter coats... such fun colors!

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  1. Meg, what are you trying to do to me?! I want ALL of these coats!!!

  2. This is why we work so well together :) (we kinda look like we're talking to ourselves....) ;) Seriously, I think my {already-way-too-big} winter coat wardrobe would like these colorful beauties to join them...