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It's Almost Here... THE Biggest Shopping Day of the Year!

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Our countdown has begun!  We're only FOUR days away from Black Friday.... basically the craziest shopping day of the year.  For years I personally blew the day off as a nuisance... all those extra shoppers, crazy early bird deals, packed parking lots.  No thank you!  However, last year I really got into the spirit, and my sister and I hit the stores running at about 5 AM.  To my surprise, I had a blast and actually did score some great deals!  So this year I'm even more excited and aiming to be as organized as possible, to maximize my time AND cash.  I plan to be all done by noon... and most likely exhausted as well.  Here are three things I'll be sure to have with me:

First of all, Starbucks.  I probably don't have to explain that one.  Second, my Shopping List on my phone. (And no, mine won't be for cheesecake as shown above.)  Whether you have a Droid like me, or the iPhone, or any other kind of phone, I guarantee you there's a free shopping app out there for you to download and use to organize your list.  Can't find one?  Try good old pen & paper.  Being organized and knowing exactly what you're after will help you avoid buyer's remorse later on over that impulse early-bird purchase.  Third, CASH.  That way I can budget for exactly what I'm going after.  (Ok, and maybe allow a little for some unexpected bargains.)  But having actual bills in my hand to spend will allow me to stay within my means and not go overboard in the excitement of the day!

Want to get a plan of attack for Friday morning?  Take a sneak peek at a TON of leaked Black Friday ads on  This site can be very useful in determining where the best deals are, what times the stores open, and how you should plan out your route for the morning.

Look for some highlights later this week of some of the fabulous finds available on Friday!

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