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Pick Picnik: The Coolest Photo Editing Software

12:51 PM

Why am I just learning about Picnik.com?! I am sooo addicted to that site, which is a problem when you take 150 pictures a day of your new baby and want to edit them all! I got a Nikon for my birthday (which is an amazing camera by the way) and, coupled with my new found love of photo editing makes for a) great photos b) a desire to make photobooks detailing Genevieve's every move* c) having just another thing to do during Genevieve's hour long naps. (Now not only am I choosing between sleeping and eating...I'm also deciding if I have time to 'play' with Picnik).

So two years ago (or was it three?) my husband bought me Adobe Elements for Christmas. And then last year he bought me Adobe Elements for Dummies. Do you see where I'm going with this? I had no idea how much time it would take to learn new software. Now, I am no technological dummy, but I'm no Megan either (i.e. super computer savvy marketing guru). So I don't think I'm inept; I just think it takes time to grasp a new software and for some reason I always have something else to do--or maybe that's just what I tell myself to avoid bruising my ego ;)

Enter Picnik. This site makes photo editing so easy. Basically other people have programmed edits and you just click a button to apply those edits to your picture. There are tons of 'edit' options, 'create' options, and 'save and share' options. I also love that once you pretty up your photos, they are not so big that you can't do anything with them (plus there's a nifty option for re-sizing them). And the other super fun thing? You can touch up pictures with tools like airbrush, teeth whiten, wrinkle remover, insta-slim, etc. Uh oh, now every time you look at a picture I've posted on facebook, you're going to wonder whether I slimmed myself down huh? Well I have yet to use that tool, but I'll admit I love the airbrush feature. Makes me feel like a celebrity! Anyway, I'm digressing. Back to the point. Picnik brings photo editing to every man (or woman). And best of all...it's FREE! Now, of course you have to pay to upgrade to a premium account which enables you to use 'premium' features. And of course, because of the addiction, I upgraded. But they give you 3 upgrade options--the cheapest being $4.95! So there really isn't an excuse not to check out this site. Let me know what you think! Here are my most recent creations (click the image to see the larger image), and yes, an excuse to show off the newest love of my life.

*Check back later for a Taste{full} New Year's goal of organizing photos...

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  1. i adore picnik!

    isn't is fun to feel like you've magically edited photos with so little effort? (without having to be as brilliant as the fabulous megan!)

    oh, and even though it goes without saying, the sweet baby photos make my heart melt :)