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Taste{full} Goals: Organize My Recipes!

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One of my goals for the beginning of 2010 is to finally organize the chaotic pile of papers that is my recipe "corner" in my kitchen.  I'm an avid internet recipe reader, and love to print off recipes I either plan on using immediately or just hope to get around to making.  The result is a bunch of mismatched papers, crinkled and food-stained, shoved in a stack NEXT to the binder I bought to put them in.  Hmmmm.  So I've got two steps to how I plan on organizing them....

The Binder I Bought To Put Them In:  It's not rocket science.  A simple 3-ring binder is a great way to collect the printed recipes from the internet so I can refer back to them in the future.  What WILL help is the sheet protectors I just bought, so I can easily pour out that tablespoon of vanilla overtop of the recipe without worrying about staining and ruining the paper.  Because Lord knows what website that came from and if I could ever find it again!  On top of that, a simple set of divider tabs will let me divide the recipes into various categories such as Appetizers, Main Dishes, Side Dishes, Desserts and Cupcakes.  Yes, cupcakes gets it's own tab, duh.  Now, if I wanted to fancy the whole thing up from the outside, I could grab one of these snazzy custom Avery binders available on Zazzle.com.  I'm particularly fond of these cheery beauties...
Yes, that is a cupcake binder.  And yes, you COULD fill it with your favorite cupcake recipes, what a splendid idea!  At around $20 each, they're not super cheap, but since most are able to be personalized with your name and/or title, I think it's worth it. (A personalized one would be a great wedding shower gift, along with a selection of your tried & true recipes for the newlyweds!) If you're ambitious and would like to actually coordinate your printed recipe pages, AND you're a fan of damask, you're in luck... you might like the 3 color variations in these pages.

TasteBook: So the SECOND step I'd like to take before year end is to take my binder full of recipes, pick out my favorites and maybe some good old traditional family recipes from my mom and in-laws, and create my very own TasteBook.  For a mere $34.95, I can get a gorgeous 8" x 10" hardcover binder with a personalized cover and up to 100 of my own recipes in 10 tabbed chapters.  I can use my own recipes or choose from literally THOUSANDS of recipes from tons of major sites like Better Homes & Gardens, Cooking Light, Food Network, SELF and tons more.  I can even add my own photos!  If I don't have 100 recipes in the beginning, you can even order a lesser number of recipes in the book and then go back and add more recipes later.  (This obviously costs more money however!)  If I was ready to do it now I could even save 20% off by purchasing before January 26th and using the coupon code SWEET20.  I can't WAIT to make mine and am already thinking of other books I could order.... one with just family recipes, for my mom or mother-in-law... maybe one with just party recipes to give as a holiday gift to friends... a dairy-free cookbook with recipes geared only towards my little man's needs.  Endless possibilities.  Can't wait to do mine!

Wishing you happy (and organized) recipe-cooking in 2010!

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