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My Mom's DIY project

8:48 AM

So I've been meaning to blog about this adorable DIY gift my mom created for some of the moms in her life. Not only are these little "plants" adorable, but also practical and affordable. This would be a great idea for a thank you gift, a teacher’s gift…really any occasion where you want to let someone know you thought of them. All you need is:

Floral tape
Pens- the cheap bic pens work the great.
Faux flowers- this is where you can get creative and use any color or style you choose.
Little flower pot- again the possibilities are endless. You can use little cute bowls, little buckets, mason jars, or the terra cotta pots pictured here.
Ribbon to match.
Filler- My mom used pebbles. You could use seashells, colored sand, glass gems, etc.
Wire cutters or really good scissors.

I'm sure you can figure out how to do it simply based on the photo... But basically you just wrap the tape around the pen and the floral stem. Use a few different lengths of stems to create the floral arrangment look. After putting the filler in the pot, stick the pens in, arrange, and voila!

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