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Ooh La La! A Parisian Theme Shower

8:54 AM

I have a small (translated GIGANTIC) crush on the Lollipop Girls. Might be because they get to do what I love to do on the side for an actual job.  Might be cause I just love their name.  But it's most likely because they are so much more incredibly creative than I can imagine.  The party concoctions they come up with are pure delight!

Take this parisian themed baby shower, featured today over on the Hostess Blog.  Candelabras and vintage umbrellas and parasols, along with lush arrangements of anemones, peonies and ranunculus?  Absolutely breathtaking.  I think this theme would be just as ideally suited to a gorgeous bridal shower, or even a lovely birthday dinner party.  I've always thought I might be just as interested in collecting candelabras as cake stands, and this pushes me over the edge!

Click here for the full details and more gorgeous pictures of the event!

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