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Genevieve's Big Girl Room

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So remember the list, I posted in the New Year? Yeah, I kind of forgot about it too... I can't say I have marked anything off of it (guess this blog will never be younghouselove)! And the year is nearly half over. And I'm expecting baby # 2 in 97 days (but who's counting). [Insert deep breath here]. Well there's a saying: "do what you have to do so you can do what you want to do." I'm not huge into home improvement (I'd hire anyone and everyone I could if I was one of the real housewives of wherever), but of have vs. want, I'd say cleaning the garage, cleaning out the sunroom, and cleaning the basement--all things we actually have accomplished this year-- were on the have list, while re-decorating has fallen to the want list. I tell you all that by way of a long winded explanation. BUT the exciting part is, I get to start doing a little decorating now...and new baby's nursery and Genevieve's toddler room are where I intend to start. Since I can't make up my freakin mind on new baby's nursery, and am waiting for like 6 fabric swatches to help me do so, I'm focusing on Genevieve's big girl room right now. And it all started with the search for her big girl bed! I wanted something vintage modern (as usual), so of course I looked on CraigsList. I immediately found 3 beds I LOVED. Sadly one was really far away (and unfortunately I didn't save a picture of it to include in this post and the ad has long since been deleted), but the other two were right around the corner. Here they are:

I was so torn that I sent a desparate email out to a few friends (including my designer friend) for help but got differing advice; all good points--which one is sturdier, the brown one is more gender neutral, etc, etc.  In the end, I ended up going with the white one.  I just can't get away from the ultra girly style I'm accustomed to...although the Jenny Lind craze (more on that in a moment) and this amazing inspiration, nearly made me depart from my ultra feminine ways.  And the best part?  It was only $45!  Add to that the fact that new baby is a girl (no immediate need to go the gender neutral route) and that the guy who owned the spindle bed wouldn't negotiate to my satisfaction (obviously he didn't know that I am the bargain master and would totally walk away...yeah; I'm hard core) and the final decision ended up being an easy one.  I LOVE this bed and can't wait to paint know what I'm going to say...don't pretend you don't...PINK. :)  A fun, super bright pink though.  And don't worry; her entire room won't be pink like her nursery.  I plan to layer it with gender neutral colors and modern accents that will grow with her...and Genevieve can pass it on to her sister when she's officially outgrown it!  So there you go-- a decision made and now on my way to planning and choosing fun and modern bedding, toy storage space, a cool wall color, and another dresser re-do.  This oughtta be fun!!

(This is kind of like 2 posts in one...enjoy). ;)
Now on to the Jenny Lind craze.  I am STILL a big fan and in my crazy, indecisive thoughts on new baby's nursery I have gone back and forth about ditching the $70 (from $270!) crib I got from Target and going with a cheap Jenny Lind crib like this one.  When I initially spotted the cribs, I thought they were too traditional...but since seeing them featured in many a nursery since then, I realized with the right decor, or color (if you're so daring to paint it!), it can look quite shabby chic, vintage, and even modern.  And it's really, really, hard to find a vintage crib or bed for less than 6 or 7 hundos, like pretty much impossible.  I love that the spindle style can be found in beds as well.  Take a look at these images, and the cool finds on craigslist that follow and let me know what you think!  Cool or lame?  Traditional or vintage? You be the judge!

Oh my...just seeing these all in one place is weakening my resolve NOT to take on another painting project!!


they come in kid sizes too!! How adorable are they?!  And just check out this amazingly creative, unique, modern yet vintage toddler room design board!  You can see it all come together here.

If you're inspired, Craigslist has it all from $20 to $200 (links at the end)!

This one is already freshly painted and only $50!! What a STEAL!

At $200 this is the priciest of the bunch but it's a "real" Jenny Lind.  They don't make em like this anymore! Check out the ad for the official JL stamp!

Cheap but adorable JL cribs...

And if you're too snobby to buy used, oops, I mean if you are particular about your purchases, ;) you can get a new Jenny Lind crib from here or a new Jenny Lind style toddler bed from here or here!

Lastly, Link Love:

Inspiration Pics: here, here, here, and here.

Craigslist finds: here, here, here, and here.

Love, Tiff

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  1. Ps- for you local chicas, OPUS has 2 beds similar to the first picture from CL for... Ok I can't remember but less than $60! Totally a steal for a twin bed!!