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I am 29 weeks in I only have 11 weeks left (if the little bugger doesn't come early, which believe it or not, I'm hoping she doesn't)! It is so insanely crazy how different life is as you're preparing for baby number 2. No journaling, no weekly belly pics, no....TIME!  The world just doesn't revolve around being pregnant. (I'm sorry new baby, I really, really am). But I am trying my darndest to plan her nursery and make it just as lovely (or if I'm being honest, even more lovely) than little miss Genevieve's.

I feel a bit guilty that I haven't bought her one thing--wait that's not true-- I bought her 3 items of clothing from a garage sale. oh sad. But I made my very first 'real' purchase for her last night. This. Adorable. Mobile. It makes me smile every time I look at it. And I can just imagine her beautiful baby face being mesmerized by the bright colors, shapes, and movement.  I love that this mobile is modern but it has that 'old school toy' feel.  It's really difficult to find a modern mobile that doesn't cost $500.  And by $500 I mean, over $50 because I like to exaggerate. :)

But here are a few others I considered priced between $40 and $65...which seems cheap when the one you love (wait for it) is $162!

I considered these when I was going for a woodsy theme.  Changed my mind but I still love these options!

I reallly want to like butterflies...but I just don't.  I do however like the price and this etsy store has adorable cloud and rain drop creations definitely worth checking out!
 whimsical fairy butterfly mobile. $40. This chandelier mobile was a favorite. $54.

and let's be honest--at $162 I never really considered this one, though I did consider a DIY version.  But how beautiful is it?!
modern bird mobile.  $162.

More to come on decorating a nursery on a [slightly higher since I am employed this time] budget. :)

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  1. I love that mobile you bought!! I have been looking for a mobile and nothing has struck my fancy like that one! So glad that I found your blog!!

    Whitney @

  2. Whitney, I'm glad you found our blog too!! :) I quickly perused yours but I can't wait to read more of it. Thanks for stopping by!