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Nursery Progress: Look for Less Lighting

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Random thought: I find it funny that my posts used to center around clothes and shopping and now they tend toward children and babies.  I guess it's just a natural progression.  I'm also guessing most of you don't care about the latest in maternity wear anyway. ;) Hopefully regardless of where you are in life (single [free], married no kids [fun], or a full brood [um, fulfilling?]) you can find something interesting or fun or useful for now or the future.  And if all else fails maybe you can laugh at me for how ridiculously obsessive I get over whatever phase I am in-- clothes, kids, shopping, decorating...  Regardless of one's lot in life, I'm all about living it as taste{full}y as possible...Now, on to lighting...

I am making huge progress on new baby's nursery.  I still have not painted the room yet [sigh], but I did get her dresser painted this weekend.  As far as purchases, all I really need are a rug and a light fixture.  I really wanted this one (left).  However, it's a whopping $79 + shipping and a shipping surcharge! While I am not scrimping as much as I did on Genevieve's nursery, I'm also not in the position to splurge so much on a light fixture so I sadly decided to forgo the fun gypsy chandy. 

Then I came across this one...which just about wiped my sorrows away!  Only $60 and free shipping.  Now, that I can get on board with!  It's' the same color (or close enough) as the nursery walls and I can't help but love its sparkle.  However when it arrived it was a bit bigger than I imagined.  Our ceilings aren't very high (and husband and I are both six feet tall) so I'm concerned that I may have to hang it in the corner or somewhere other than the middle of the room.  No matter how cool it is, do I really want to bang my head against it at 2 am just before feeding new baby?  Um, no thank you.  But I was (am) determined to have a pretty light fixture in her room (clearly I'm still getting over the fact that Genevieve has a boring 'ol ceiling fan). 

And then guess what happened?!  Last night, while browsing cheap and chic nursery, I came across a design board that featured my long lost friend!  Only this time, it was on for a mere $59 with free shipping.  As far as I can tell it's exactly the same as the $104 number!  Score!  It's smaller than the blue one, and just as cheap.  I'm still a bit torn as I'm going with a lot of color in her room and I don't want to be over the top...not to mention I was planning on going with the simple swag option of the aqua chandy above to save my husband the grief of installation and I'm not sure that's an option with the gypsy light.  So I'm not 100% sure which direction I'll go in but I love that I found it for cheaper--never thought that was possible!!  I'll keep you posted on what I choose and continue posting about my nursery progress along the way! Meanwhile, let me know-- which light do you like?  Or are there any other cheap ($75 or less) options I should know about?!  Do tell...

♥ Tiffany

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