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Toddler Room Progress-- I Rock

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Can you guess what my next project was?  (Hint: cheesy pun in title).  You guessed it smartie: a rocking chair.  The rocking chair in Genevieve’s nursery was given to me (i.e. FREE) which is always good….and since I was unemployed, even better.  However it was never super comfortable so I knew I wasn’t going to use it for new baby’s room.  And for Genevieve’s toddler room, I wanted something a little smaller since now I have to actually configure space for toys and play things.  Well of course I wanted something modern (i.e. expensive) like this Eames knock off to the right. And that's the knock off price!  The original Eames is well over $300.  However being the frugalista that I am I thought perhaps I could find a cheaper alternative…at least for now. 

I came across this cute little wooden number at one of my favorite thrift stores—Family Outfitters.  You may remember it’s where I got this adorable dresser from.  They have great stuff, great prices, and a great cause which you can read about here.  They were having a furniture clearance sale and this little chair was only $2!  Now I'm not blind--I know it looks nothing like the modern chair I originally wanted so this is no 'look for less' find.  But I love its shape and it totally goes with her bed.  Plus the size is right and I like that it rocks (I haven’t given up rocking her just yet—especially when she’s sick or needs a little extra love at bed time).   I figured with a bit of paint and some bright pillows, it would do the trick.  Not to mention that for only $2, I can always justify getting rid of it and upgrading later when I have extra cash lying around because that happens so often.  So without further ado, before and after:

Just like here, I didn't prime or sand.  I did however take my time.  I tried to get every nook and cranny and look at it from different angles and in different lighting.  I even got down on my pregnant belly to look at the bottom and make sure anything I could easily see while on the floor, was covered. Why? Because when I painted the chair for Genevieve's nursery, there were a few spots I missed that bug me every single time I see them over the 20 months that have followed. That's a whole lotta buggin!  I also did a topcoat since that was another thing I failed to do last time which resulted in lots of scratches on the arms.  Since I went over some spray painting tips in this post, I'll spare you the same paragraph here.  But here is a cost break down for you:

Chair: $2
Paint: I used a few cans but already had the top coat and one can of paint so for the 2 I had to purchase: $8
Green cushion: on clearance at Christmas Tree Shop for $3.99
Blue cushion: Also from Christmas Tree Shop for $6.99.
Grand Total: $21.00
Not bad for a 'new' chair!  And a lot less than $124.99 + $25 shipping for the Eames knock off.  I may change the cushions out eventually--I made the mistake of leaving a perfect one that was onlly $5 at Christmas Tree Shop only to find it gone when I returned a couple of weeks later and that blue one is a bit small for the seat.  But it'll do for now!
So now my To Do list looks like this:
Paint samples in Genevieve's room (I'm trying to decide on the perfect shade of gray for her big girl room).
Paint rocking chair for Genevieve's room
Make lantern mobile
Sew changing pad cover
Paint changing table
Paint magazine rack
Finish painting lamps
Do laundry
Clean [insert every room in the house here]
Paint frame for baby's initial
Paint side tables for living room
I love comments--let me know what you think or what suggestions you have for spray painting!
♥ Tiffany

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  1. Ahhh, I love love those cushions! I'm a big fan of fun and pretty pillows, etc. You did such an awesome job on the chair.

    Also, Tiffany, you asked on my Magic Party post where I found the paper lanterns. I bought them at Oriental Trading Company. They offer a variety of basic colors.