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My To-Do List = Future Blog Posts...

3:09 PM

I'm totally behind in posting details of my projects... I blame husband because in order to take "after" pictures, I have to move furniture...which I can't (or at least shouldn't be doing).  And I refuse to take pictures of newly painted did-it-myself treasures in the most disgustingly crowded and disorganized garage you've ever seen.  seriously. EVER.  (ok maybe not if you watch hoarders.  Wow, am I really comparing myself to a hoarder now?!).  But I felt compelled to post my to-do list so you can see that I am in fact making progress and plan to post about every last one within the next month.  After that, new baby will be here and I make no such promises to do anything.  Except multiple feedings per night, nursing all day, and changing tons of tiny diapers.  Which sounds exhausting, but I actually just got a pitter patter of excitement in my heart of when I thought of my new baby girl and her little tiny bum.  [happy sigh].

To Do:

Paint samples in Genevieve's room-- I have all but dropped G's room off of my radar but I did get this done.  I can't wait to re-do her room and show you what I've copied come up with!  It will be so cute...but not just yet.  I can only do so much and things are dropping off of my list at an alarming rate!

Paint rocking chair for Genevieve's room-- posted about here.

Make lantern mobile-- I've gone back and forth between a couple of different types but can't actually make this until the room is partially put together... more to follow!

Sew changing pad cover-- I actually did this! I am very proud of myself.  I didn't end up doing it as described in this post with that crappy machine but I did end up sewing not one but TWO of these babies!  Will post soon...

Paint changing table-- have this post all written- just need to add photos!  Definitely my proudest project!!

Paint magazine rack-- posted about here

Finish painting lamps--one of the few things on the list that has nothing to do with the nursery.  I LOVE how these turned out! Stay tuned...

Paint frame for baby's initial-- can't do this until the room comes together...not sure what color to go with just yet!

Paint side tables for living room-- one of the things that totally fell off the list. Not likely to happen any time soon!

To Buy:

Dresser for new baby's room- got a lovely little dresser at a yard sale and will post about it soon!

Dresser for Genevieve's room--still looking for this one.  I want a good quality wooden dresser with nice lines for less than $50 (of course I plan on painting it).  Is that too much to ask?!

Curtains for new baby's room--thinking of going with the drop-cloths-as-curtains trend...more to follow!

PS-these nurseries are just eye candy- not anything like new baby's other than blue walls...and pink elements (of course). Picture 1 from here.  Picture 2 from here.

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