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Quick and Dirty DIY

11:06 AM

Last night I was too tired to do anything too meaningful...but I desperately wanted to mark something off the to-do list that somehow doesn't seem to be getting any shorter! So, I decided to line new baby's dresser drawers. This isn't really a project you have to copy but because I'm obsessed with blogs, I did review this post at Hi Sugarplum! and this one at Young House Love for tips and suggestions. After going back and forth I'd planned to go the Modge Podge route for durability. But Alas, could not find my sponge brushes so I ended up going the spray adhesive route instead. Unfortunately we live in a city where cool paper stores aren't in abundance so I didn't really know where to find heavy weight premium paper. I ended up just settling on 'normal' wrapping paper from the Hallmark store in the mall. It doesn't necessarily match her bedroom but it matches the dresser, is super cute, and despite the pink could maybe pass if the dresser ever gets passed down to a boy. Which is a huge IF at this point. But I digress... I cut each piece to size (does anyone else have trouble cutting straight lines on fabric or wrapping paper and if so- tips please?!), and then glued to the drawer. My measuring wasn't perfect and as I've mentioned before I tend to rush [I just can't help myself!] but it still looks pretty cute and the imperfections aren't that noticeable. I just love the idea of a cheap and easy DIY project (wrapping paper + spray adhesive = done) that will add a little peek of happiness each time I open her drawers. Won't that make doing laundry more fun? No? C'mon don't burst my bubble! Oh and speaking of cheap, here is a cost breakdown:

wrapping paper: $3.00 (when you buy 2)
spray adhesive: $3.60 (used a 40% off coupon)
Grand Total: $6.60

Any tips and tricks on lining drawers, cutting in a straight line (I know- how lame am I?), or anything else relevant? Do share!!
P.S. sorry for the lame cell phone picture. When I blog about the dresser itself I will take better photos, I promise.

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