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I Lost It

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I posted about the "Lose It" here.  But at the time I hadn’t been using it consistently and I hadn’t seen the results yet.  Now that I’ve been using it consistently for about 10 weeks and am thrilled with the results, I feel as though it’s something I must share!  It’s hard to tell people about how you’ve lost weight without sounding like you’re bragging (in fact I almost wrote a facebook status but decided I was just begging to be judged).  I figured if I posted about it on the blog I could go into a bit more detail-- as well as assure you that I still have a ways to go.  Besides my blog friends would never judge me right?!  ;)  So here it is…

As I posted before, the premise of Lose It is pretty simple.  It’s basic calorie counting.  I’m sure there are some nutrition buffs who are thinking “duh, of course it works.”  But for me, who has never attempted to lose weight and actually lost it (hence the 12ish L-Bs I’d slowly put on since college), I was astounded at how easy Lose It makes it.  What I love is it’s not complicated and there aren’t all these rules about the types of food you can eat and how this food or that food affects your body or your weight loss efforts.  Do you all know what I’m talking about?  Let me give you an example.  Fiber is good right?  But oftentimes whole wheat fiber (i.e. pasta or bread) is higher in calories than regular pasta or bread.  But it doesn’t matter because it keeps you full longer so you eat less right?  Or is it because your body burns more calories digesting it?  See what I mean?   I am not a scientist or a doctor or a nutritionist (or whoever studies these things) and honestly I don’t want to think about all that stuff –at least not right now.  I’m aware that all of the nuances about diet ARE important and it’s about more than just being thin- it’s also about heart health, muscle building, and avoiding harmful toxins/chemicals in our food.  I’m not saying we (or I) should ignore all that.  However, with 2  kiddos--two and under, I don’t have time to figure out all of those nuances.  I want to be able to just eat a low fat and low calorie diet and lose weight.  My next goal (perhaps a New Years’ resolution?) will be to begin focusing on foods that help my body rather than just calorie count.  So I’ll get there… 
Lose It is all about calories and if you track them accurately, you WILL lose weight!  My scale is crap so I’m not entirely sure exactly how much I’ve lost but all of my old jeans are too big.  I believe I’ve lost between 10 and 15 lbs in the past 10 weeks.  I think nursing has helped also.  And now I plan on nursing Nadia until she’s 3 or 4.  What is that weird? ;)  Ok, I’m kidding, but I do have a sneaky suspicion I may put on a few pounds when I stop nursing.  I’m hoping I’m wrong of course.
The husband has also lost weight.  The last time I asked, he’d lost 10 lbs.  He set his goals more aggressively than I did but he is also thrilled with how easy the app makes it.  Oh and I should say when I say “easy,” I’m not talking about easy.  Let me explain—it’s not easy to eat less or eat veggies instead of carbs or fat. It’s hard.  Sometimes I’m a little hungry (though I feel compelled to say you don't have to be hungry if you make good choices. I always save room for snacks ;).  And all the time I want to just eat what I want without thinking about it.  But it’s easy in the sense of what I detailed above.  It takes out the guess work and tells you how much you can eat and when to stop. You obey, you lose the weight.  Easy right?  It's also changed the way I think about food when grocery shopping.  For the most part I am eating "everything in moderation."  But there are some foods that you can eat SO little of that it’s not even worth it.  Chex Mix, and Pillsbury cinnamon rolls are the first items that pop into mind.  Who stops at a ¼ cup of Chex Mix?!  That’s just cruel!  Or who eats only one cinnamon roll for breakfast?  Ok now that I type that, eating one cinnamon roll does sound normal. oops.  When you’re counting calories you realize there are other foods that you can eat enough to satisfy the craving and not totally ruin your diet.
It’s also helped me see patterns with my eating.  First of all I thought I was being “good” most of the time until I started tracking.  Turns out there’s a reason I’d gained the weight- it’s called lack of portion control! I also realized my plan of "being good" (which was really barely ok) Monday through Thursday and eating whatever I wanted Friday through Sunday wasn’t really working. First of all Friday through Sunday is almost half the week, stupid.  (Stupid me, not you).  So if you’re eating terribly half the time that’s not a good diet plan.  Second of all you can easily wreck your entire week by going over your calories on Friday and Saturday.  So now I eat a little less all week to be able to relax on the weekends.  Or I might just have one cheat day instead of 3.  You can play around with the numbers to get the results you want.  That’s the other thing I like about lose it.  Believe it or not, it's kind of fun to see how many calories are in the food you eat and then try to maximize your eating while minimizing your calories.  It’s kind of like a game.  How can I eat at least some of what I want, but still stay on track and lose weight?  It’s extremely eye opening to see how much exercise it takes to burn off one bad choice.  Right now I’m barely exercising but when I do, I can eat more calories so there’s an immediate pay off.  That said I also see if I eat a fun size snickers (a whopping 135 calories), it will take me an hour of aerobics to burn it off.  Not so fun anymore right?   
Ok I should stop now [is this my longest post EVER]?  I just have so much to say about that little app!  If you have a smart phone (or even if you don’t—my mom uses loseit.com), and you are looking to shed some weight (anyone go a little crazy over the holidays?) Lose It is totally for you!  I can say I’ve met my goal weight and have officially changed my goals to "maintain."  Now I can focus on toning up—Lose It isn't magic; I still have fat, cellulite, grossness, work to do—and losing the belly.  HOW can I weigh the least I've weighed since college and STILL have a belly?!  It’s just unfair what having a baby does to your body, but that’s another post for another time.  So believe me when I say, I still have a ways to go.  But I am happy with my weight and clothes size and now my dilemma is deciding wether to hang on to old pants/jeans just in case or toss them and go shopping?  If you ask me, that a hell of a way to start the New Year!
Now it’s your turn—what weight loss tips do you have for me?  Is there any low calorie but delicious snack foods I should know about?  Please share…

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