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My Little Pumpkin Turned TWO!

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I've been meaning to post about Genevieve's birthday for a while.  I was excited to plan a cute but simple fete and even more excited to actually get good photos of it (so hard to stop and take pictures or be organized enough to have time to do it beforehand).  I was going back and forth regarding a theme but once I saw this post on the HWTM blog, I was hooked.  It was perfect for Genevieve.  At the time she was obsessed with pumpkins and I liked that it highlighted the fall season vs. me wistfully wishing she was born in June so that I could plan an outdoor summer party.  You gotta work with what you got people!  Also, due to our home remodel (which maybe I'll post about one day?), we really don't have much space to entertain so I planned to host it at my in-laws.'  My MIL's house is a fall harvest extravaganza with every fall color, foliage, and decoration you can imagine.  Perfect.
I really wanted to keep the party simple (KISS principle anyone?) after the craziness of her party last year.  The temptation when you are copying inspired by an idea is to copy it exactly.  However, let's get real- most of these parties are planned by professional party planners for people who, how shall I say it without sounding tacky- um, have freakin boatloads of cash. :)  I am not and do not.  Besides you want to be able to come up with something to call your own.  Doesn't matter if a party is gorgeous if it doesn't reflect you and  your child.  Ok it might matter a little...but only a tiny bit. ;) In that vein, I imitated a few of the elements I liked, then added a few details to make it my own.  So here are the photos along with descriptions and sources.

What better birthday cake for a fall party than a four layer luscious pumpkin cake?  I made this years ago for Thanksgiving and have always wanted to make it again. 

Favor table.  I took the HWTM idea of giving out the lil pumpkins but put them in a cute ball jar wrapped with ribbon and rope twine.

You can find these ball jars here.  They used to sell them at Wal-Mart ($4.97 for twelve!!!) but had literally JUST discontinued them when I began planning this party.  boooo!

I love the idea of framing the invitation for party decor.

The pumpkin wands I'd seen here. They were simple and fun to do. The boys immediately turned them into swords. And my sister-in-law thanked me for a house full of orange glitter. oops.  I put them in mason jars I got at AC Moore.

This was a major centerpiece of the other party and I knew I wanted to incorporate it.  I got the bale of hay from AC Moore also.  The large glittery pumpkin I happened upon at HomeGoods and seriously didn't even realize it was the exact same one used at the other party.  So lucky!

The paper printables were a centerpiece as well. I purchased them here.  Notice how I added pink to the party?  Adding a lot more glitter (a-la pumpkin wands and the cute pumpkins on the dessert table) and pink was a way to make it my own.

Dessert buffet.  I used the balloons and banner as a backdrop.  The sparkly pumpkins on either end were from Target.  I used burlap as a table runner.  (oh and ignore the tacky container. I removed it before the guests arrived).

I got the recipe for the pumpkin patch rice krispie treats from here. I also served pumpkin pie (store bought), pumpkin trail mix (recipe here but I substituted reeses pieces for m&ms),  and pumpkin dip with ginger snaps.  For dessert buffets it's important to use varying heights.  One of the ways I did that was to create a pie plate out of a planter by turning it upside down.
Since we live in NH it was too cold to go outside but I still wanted the party to have a harvest feel.  I found this wooden plant container in my garage.  I decided to use the same rope twine to bundle the silverware to add to the rustic feel.

See what I mean about my MIL's house?  This beautiful wreath was already there! I just added the sign and voila...
My inspiration party used fondant toppers.  I went the cheap route and used the candy pumpkins!  The only thing is, the dye did start to melt onto the cupcakes toward the end of the party...pretty sure the kids didn't mind though  ;)  I got the idea to put the cupcakes on scrapbook paper both from my fellow blogger Megan (who has used this idea in some of the adorable parties she's planned) and from this party.

The activity du jour?  Cookie decorating!  I am no good at planning kid activities but got the idea from here.  (Which is also where I got this by the way. ;) 

My mom helped me plan this party.  With a new (and high maintenance) ten week old, I didn't have a ton of time on my hands.  Thanks MOM!!

I think she likes it :)

Genevieve's cousins (and my mom with Nadia) partying it up.

My beauty just before cake time.  (like how I re-used the high chair from her first party? I tried to sell it on craiglist but apparently people just don't care about the details like I do and could find no use for an adorable pink high chair.  hmph!)

After all that, isn't this all that matters?!

Somehow the husband didn't make it in any of the party pictures...but here we are cuddling after a very busy party.
Hope you enjoyed the details of this party.  Now it's your turn--have you planned a party using a seasonal theme?   Or perhaps you've been inspired by a party and happy with the result of how your application of it turned out?  Do tell...

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  1. I missed this little tid bit reading soooooooooo much of the other sweet things! You do your thing with such amazing grace baby! Auntyloves youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu! Did ya get that big ol squeeze til your eyes pop out! LOL!

    1. I am just telling my mom that I LOVE that you read and comment on the blog!!! Thanks so much! You're too kind! :)