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A Fun Little Picture Project.

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I wanted a boy.  There, I said it.  I had convinced myself that I didn't care--even that I'd prefer a girl since that meant I could recycle Genevieve's oh-so-cute clothes.  But when the sonographer told me it was a girl, I knew the truth.  Poor little Nadia!  The only reason I can even admit it now is because I am so beyond in love with that little chubster that I'm so very glad God knew that she'd be just what this family needs.  And two girls?!  Oh the fun. 

Being a parent, you realize no matter what choices you make or in whatever circumstances you find yourself regarding your children, there are always debbie downers.  "Oh they'll be so competitive."  "Oh just wait until they are teenagers!"  "Does Daddy have a shotgun?" [okay I secretly like that one]. "Just wait till one borrows the other's clothes without asking!" "2 proms? weddings? [insert expensive event here]?"  oy.  Yes, I am aware that girls can be competitive, catty, and expensive.  Thanks for telling me that on day 2 of my beautiful daughter's day on Earth.  I'm really not as bitter as I sound; It just never ceases to amaze me, the things people feel obligated to share.  Girls can also be sensitive, compassionate, strong, beautiful, fun, smart, and just. freakin. adorable!  I know there will be those times when I'll be wishing for more testosterone and less estrogen, but oh my gosh- the FUN we will have will far outweigh the sorrow.  It's already beginning. 

When looking at the pictures from Nadia's birth, one particularly struck me.  I thought, oh, my goodness- she looks JUST like her sister!  I made this little collage in picnik and played a guessing game on facebook.  More people got it wrong than right!  Can you tell who's who?

The next one I made wasn't on purpose either.  I'd just taken photos of Nadia and one reminded me of a photo I'd taken of Genevieve:

Nadia on the left.

After this one I thought, 'if they look so much alike on 'accident,' I need to start getting intentional.'  And then this shot was born:

Nadia on the left.

This one was kind of on purpose and kind of not.  I always loved this bright onesie and it brings back fond memories because Genevieve wore it right around the time her funny and bubbly personality was starting to emerge.  I remember that I hadn't planned to take photos of her in it...she was just so cute and totally showing off for me that a half hour photoshoot just sort of happened.  I knew I wanted to take a few pictures of Nadia in it and that I'd better do it quickly because she was outgrowing it.  I had no idea though that I'd get so many similar expressions out of her--so many that I couldn't choose which ones to compare!

Nadia on the left.

Nadia on the left.

Genevieve on the left.

Genevieve on the left.
I will be so sad when Nadia outgrows Genevieve's baby clothes (which is almost upon us since G was so tiny.  Nadia could probably fit her summer clothes now...).  I also imagine that as Nadia gets older she'll look less like her sister and the Narcissist in me is hoping she'll look more like me ;)  We shall see!

Tips & Suggestions:
If you want to try this you have to be a little forward thinking.  And this little project isn't for anyone into instant gratification, that's for sure! 
  • Hang onto those baby clothes! Even if you don't like the thought of hanging onto baby clothes from one child (will I even have another?  If so, what are the chances that it'll be the same gender?  or born in the same season?  I had these arguments with myself over and over again!), it's worth it to at least hang onto a handful of favorites.  If you took a bunch of pictures of one kid wearing someting, make sure to hang onto that particular outift. 
  • Buy a gender neutral outfit with this specific project in mind--perhaps a pair of overralls the baby can wear with no shirt.  That way your next baby- boy or girl- can wear it. 
  • Make sure to take lots of photos of your little one (as discussed here).  Then you'll have some to choose from if you want to re-create an image with your consecutive child(ren). 
  • They don't have to look alike! Even if they don't look alike I think it's still so darling to have photos of your children wearing the same thing.  It just makes you stop and think "Wow, Genevieve used to be that tiny?!" which in turn prompts you to slow down and treasure the time with the most recent child.  And surely we need those reminders with consecutive children don't we?! 

What other fun photo projects have you tried?  Month by month shots?  Newborn photos?  Oh and what photo editing software do you use?!  Do share!

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  1. Too cute! Your girls are beautiful!

    1. thank you Kim!! This reminds me that I haven't done one of these side by side shots in a awhile! ;)

  2. Awwwwwwwwwwwwww thnk u for sharing such special moments! I get to see my nieces live and in dgital color as thy grow! Congratulations to you and my nephew Joe for makin it look soooooooooooo ez and love so "ALIVE"