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Pinterest Picture Project.

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Try saying that title three times, fast.  I mentioned in this post that I would blog about projects that I tackled after seeing it on Pinterest.  It's as much for accountability for me to DO something with all the ideas I collect there rather than just let them gather virtual dust.  It's also hopefully helpful for you if you want feedback on some of the recipes and ideas you see there.  So much of what's there looks either better than it actually is (recipes) or easier than it actually is (projects).  I can guarantee for now my projects will be pretty simple!  I don't have a ton of time to make pallet beds and crate bookshelves. ;)  When I saw this idea, I thought it seemed easy enough and would be so cute for father's day.  Well for Valentine's Day Joe and I usually forgo pricey gifts and instead go out for a nice dinner in which we can order whatever we want and not worry about the tab.  My love language is quality time so I'd much rather spend the cash dining out on a date night, sans kids. (And there's still time to hope for a nice night out AND diamonds, but let's just say that's a hope for the future if we play our financial cards right today!).

So I try to find fun little gifts I can give to Joe to still celebrate on that day.  Usually it's a simple gift/trinket and lots of chocolate that we both enjoy so I can steal it when he's not looking.  This picture seemed perfect for that!  I'd purchased the girls Valentines shirts from Wal-Mart a week or so prior.  I didn't want to spend a lot of money and I wanted it to be something Genevieve could ruin at school and it wouldn't make me mad.  I decided to dress them in those shirts and take the photos that way.  I figured I'd have 20 minutes tops before Genevieve got bored and started looking quite cross instead of adorably in love with daddy...and before Nadia started pooping, throwing up, or fussing.  [This is the life]. I printed out the words on card stock in a fun, somewhat child like font that I downloaded from here, threw them in a neutral setting with lots of light and went for it.  Because I waited until the last minute--story of my life-- I had to print the photos quickly.  I googled "online photos same day pick up" and found CVS photo.  There is a CVS moments from my house so that was perfect!  Here are the photos I used in the frame, the outtakes, and the final product.

I'm a bit bummed I forgot to take their socks off!  If you can't tell Genevieve's shirt says "I love my daddy" and Nadia's says "I love mom."

Of course I couldn't get them to both smile at the same time...

Remembered to take their socks off....but can you tell I'm losing them at this point?  Yeah, shortly after Genevieve ripped that sign in two.  

the outtakes.  You HAVE to take a million photos to get 10 good ones. People always ask me how I get them to smile and how I get good pictures of my kids.  It's seriously a numbers game.  You just keep snapping and at the end you have over 100 photos in 20 minutes but [hopefully] you got a few good ones.  I do wish I could have gotten all three with both of them looking and smiling but that is just a pipe dream at this point!  But looking at these cute silly girls--I must say in all seriousness: this IS the life. 

Final product.

By the way, the frame was only 5.99 from Target!  This project cost:
G's t-shirt: 4.88
Nadia's t-shirt: 3.96
Prints: FREE! (first 20 prints free when you sign up- even for same day pick up)
Valentine's hair bows- from grandma

Grand Total: $14.83.  Obviously you could have the kid(s) wear something they already have to get the cost down even more.  While Valentine's is over, Father's Day is still coming up so that would be a great time..or mother's day...birthday.  seriously so cute, simple, and inexpensive you could even do it "just because."  

What gifts did you buy or receive for Valentine's Day? Any other projects/tips to get kids' involved in the gift giving?

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