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Resort Wear Must Haves for Him and Her.

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So a while ago I posted that I would be writing for Tall Clothing Mall.  I wrote a newsletter recently that I had such fun with that I had to share a portion of it here!  It was a list of "Resort Wear Must Haves for Him and for Her."  All of these items (besides accessories) are available in tall sizes.  If I hadn't had that limitation I would have gone crazy with options! It's kind of like real life- If I could wear anything off the rack and wasn't obsessed with buying clearance items only, I'd probably be a gajillion dollars in debt.  Thank you God for protecting me from myself.  Anyway, here they are.  Visit the Tall Clothing Mall Blog for sources.

I love this look.  I'm totally obsessed with the fedora and the beachcomber bag.  And I've always wanted a classic denim jacket with sleeves that didn't stop just above my wrists!

 Click here for sources.
I love the anchor swim trunks and leather flip flops.  Guys have it so much easier than us gals- it's so simple to look good.  But it's not nearly as fun huh?!

Click here for sources.

Now I need to book a trip.  Pronto.  What about you?  What are your must haves for a vacation?

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  1. my fedora was crushed during the move to TN . . . i think this post is a reminder that i should go buy a new one.

  2. Oh that's a shame! I'm glad I could help rectify the situation though. Purchase immediately ;) My head is too big for 95% of hats sold in stores. :( 2 of my favorite hats are newsboy style from the mens department!