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Banana Bread Mocktail

12:31 PM

When Joe and I were at the Family Life Weekend to Remember, the restaurant where we had breakfast had an impressive mocktail menu. I am always looking for "fun" non alcoholic drinks so I jotted one down that seemed interesting.  The menu listed some of the key ingredients; I basically guessed at the measurements.  I finally made it last night and it was just as delicious as it sounded!  Here it is:

1 frozen banana
1/2 C of vanilla ice-cream (I use Edy's slow churned because it's half the calories of regular ice-cream but SO creamy and rich)
1 TBs of cream*
1/2 C of whole milk
1/2 tsp of cinnamon
dash of nutmeg

This was such a satisfying dessert and not terribly fattening (at least compared to other rich desserts)  It was really rich, creamy, and banana-y.  YUM.

I apologize for the photo- I hadn't planned on posting about it but a couple of friends asked what was in it when I posted this photo on facebook. You know I would have put it in a fun glass, added a striped straw, and made it pretty. ;)

*I used Coffeemate "french vanilla" cream. You could probably eliminate this ingredient but the menu said "splash of cream," so I decided to add it.  I didn't have plain cream but I could definitely taste the vanilla flavor of the Coffeemate, which is really good.  Alternatively you could add a little vanilla extract if you use plain cream or decide to skip the cream altogether.

ice cream photo in collage {via}

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