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Cirque du Hooray!

8:11 PM

So, I'm pluggin along planning Nadia's Circus Celebration and came across these cuties at HomeGoods.  (You remember my obsession with HomeGoods right?).  I'm not sure what I love more--the fluffy pink and blue yumminess inside or the adorable packaging.  I got the wooden trays in the $1 section (well, the $2.50 section) at Target.  I'm considering painting them...but I'd really love to find natural wood trays/crates at a super cheap price.  Anyone able to point me in the right direction?!

By the way, HomeGoods had adorable striped paper straws from which I had to drag. myself. away.  The colors were awesome:  cherry red, dark turquoise, and bubblegum pink.  As I type those fun colors I'm wondering how on earth I stayed so strong.  I am also kicking myself for not taking a quick picture to share with you.  They were $9.99 for 145 (or something close) straws.  Just thought I'd share in case any of you lovelies are party planning...

What fun party goods have you stumbled across lately?! 

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