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Let the Party Planning Begin.

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After attending my nephew's 1st birthday party a week ago it hit me like a ton of bricks that I didn't have long to plan Nadia's 1st birthday.  I remember asking my sister-in-law periodically how party planning was going and the panic that would set in at the question.  I soooo know the feeling!  Genevieve's first party was awesome but was 2 hours from beginning to end...and I took on so much cooking and DIY that I have to admit I overdid it just a tad.  It's tough to find that perfect balance of making it special for you and the birthday girl (or boy) and enjoyable for everyone else, yet not going crazy!  I feel like I struck a better balance with Genevieve's 2nd birthday but it was a simple theme and family only, not to mention my  mama was here to help.  In any case I figure if I start planning a couple of months in advance it will give me time to order products online (I refuse to pay rush shipping), DIY till my heart's content, and be organized and on top of everything come the big day.  That might be a little optimistic of me but a girl can dream right?

So my first task was to settle on a theme.  I've always wanted to do a fairy party.  I love the thought of mixing lilac tones, moss, woodsy elements, and some shimmer and tulle.  But I keep putting it off thinking my girls will appreciate that theme so much more when they're a bit older.  Next I considered a sweet shoppe (or ice-cream shoppe, or soda shoppe) theme.  I still love that one and it's quite possible it will be used for Nadia's second birthday.  My final option (and choice) was a Circus/Carnival theme.  I'm a little nervous because I can totally see going completely overboard with this theme! There are just so. many. possibilities. [Just peruse my Pinterest board!] But since I have to keep the budget in check or husband will leave me and I'm trying to keep the workload manageable I really have to stick to my guns and not bite off more than I can chew.  But geez, these inspiration parties don't help do they!! [side note: I'm always a bit nervous to share "inspiration" pictures because then you'll know my secret: I'm a big fat copycat.  But caring is sharing right? ;)]  Take a look at this eye candy and let me know-what was your kiddos 1st birthday theme?  And how far in advance did you start planning?!


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  1. I'm sure you've already seen these pictures, but she had TONS of fun circus ideas for her little guy's party:



    Can't wait to see how it comes out :)

    1. I've looked at SO. MANY. CIRCUS. parties! But I did not see this one! lol. Thanks for sharing- I'm totally gonna use a few of her ideas!