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Chopped. Again.

2:52 PM

So you remember here where I revealed my new look.  Oh wait, I'm not a celeb; by revealed  I mean posted a few photos. Well even though I loved it and Rhonda (my stylist at Milan Hair Studio) is amazing, I needed to go all the way.  I took Rhonda's advice and "lived with it," but I wanted more.  Short hair is addictive!  I swear I want to go shorter every time I go in there (and I have).  Well this was my inspiration this time around:

You have to realize my nervousness at posting a HALLE BERRY (one of the most beautiful women alive in my opinion) photo next to my picture.  No one can say I don't aim high, that's for sure.

My hair may not be as versatile as hers...nor my features as gorgeous...but I somehow convinced myself that I could pull this off.

and this did me in.  I saw this photo at the grocery store while waiting to check out, immediately took a picture, and FB messaged it to my stylist with the caption: "I'm ready!"  

And here is the final result.

Mine is still a bit longer than hers...and this was taken the day after I got it cut so it hadn't quite "settled," yet.  But I'm super happy with it!

This was a few days's starting to get a life of its own (in a good way).  And that's my hot mama by the way.

I'm glad I did it! I'm still in the honeymoon phase--A cut like this is most likely one I'll love for the first two weeks, tolerate for the 3rd week, and then wait with bated breath for my next relaxer/cut for the following three weeks.  but I don't care. I  had to do it!  Besides, the alternative was shaving the sides and I think most everyone is pretty glad I didn't go that far!  

So what are you doing differently in the hair arena to ring in the New Year?!  I'd love to hear...

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  1. Oh my goodness! You are gorg! The short look is great on you. So jealous. I've tried short hair many times and it is not right on me. CUTENESS!

    1. Thank you Jessica!! I was nervous but I eased into it so that helped. I'm surprised short hair won't work on you! I myself love long hair but mine just doesn't grow beyond a I figured I might as well embrace the short and sassy look. ;)