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Modern Minnie Party: Sneak Peek.

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I had way more fun planning a Minnie Mouse party than I thought I would.  Over a year ago I came across two cute character shirts/outfits at Target (as cute as licensed characters can be anyway) and that was the push I needed to let Genevieve pick her theme.  Do you know how hard that was for me?  And to make it even more difficult, the other character was Elmo.   I mean, seriously.  How do you make that modern?!  (Although since then I have seen a few modern Sesame Street parties that gave me hope)!  

Once I decided on Minnie the next logical question was red and black or pink and black.  It's me--so of course I love pink.  And the outfit that started the whole thing was pink, black, and white.  But then again, I loved the idea of not involving pink for once in my life...and for some reason I just envisioned red, black, and white.  Add to that the leftover red party supplies from Nadia's circus party, and well, you have a modern red, black, and white Minnie party.  

The other fun thing about this party was that it was my first purely modern party--no rustic elements like Nadia's party or Genevieve's Little Pumpkin party; no ornate embellishments like Genevieve's Vintage Princess party.  I think I'm being influenced by her.  In my humble opinion if you're going to go the 'character' route (and you're not a fan of the traditional take), you really have to make it modern.  There doesn't seem to be much in between.  And choosing red over pink sure made it easy to be creative because it's nearly impossible to find any red Minnie party supplies!

So enough chatting!  I'll be sure to share more pictures and details in the near future.  The details above are as follows:
1. My little Minnie wearing this shirt (it runs super small! She's wearing a 5T).  Her headband was from here.  I was psyched to find this perfect DIY-less headband!  The letter I made after being inspired by this post over on Paige Simple.
2. Minnie Mouse Oreos.  So cute!  And not terribly hard although they did take much longer than I anticipated!
3. My homemade Minnie mobile, made out of a calendar from Target's dollar section and paper fans from here.
4. My favor table backdrop using more of these paper fans.

What do you think so far?  Come back soon for more Modern Minnie posts!

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