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Team E: Football Themed Birthday Party {Sneak Peek}.

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I'm always saying I'm busy working on stuff and you probably don't believe me.  But every once in a while I actually follow up with an update.  This is one of those posts.  If you've taken more than a cursory glance at this blog then you know I love party planning.  I love the little details, the creativity involved, even the DIY part.  I really love it all!  Well that's not true--I don't love the food part. I love to cook for my family but cooking for a crowd has always stressed me out! That's why my sister-in-law and I make a perfect team.  She loves the food part and the cake part (she made Genevieve's Minnie Mouse cake). I love the theme part and the decorating part. 

But let me back up-- I have definitely thought of becoming a "real" party planner.  Or as my husband kindly says, I am a real party planner, just not a professional one since I haven't been paid yet.  Yet another reason I love that boy.  Anyway, in any industry--but especially creative ones--I've always heard the advice to use your skills for family and friends (for free) first before diving in.  It gives you practice planning parties in a lower pressure setting (i.e. they're not paying you so expectations aren't as high), working with clients whose tastes, budget, etc might differ from your own, and honing your creative and DIY skills.  Yes, I consider DIY a skill people!  It also gives you a taste of what it's like. Doing something for fun for yourself is a lot different than doing it for money--  for someone else.  More on that later.  Anyway, that's one reason I offered to help out with my nephew's birthday.  That and the fact that my SIL works full time and has 3 kids and could use the help. 

So back to the point about us making a good team--my SIL welcomed the help!  I started by brainstorming ideas.  Then I researched to add others' ideas to my own.  Next I narrowed the ideas down and made suggestions as to priorities.  Rarely do people have the time and money to do everything they think of or see on Pinterest, so I'm learning that editing and prioritizing are key.  You can see the Pinterest board I created here.  I then offered to do the main table's backdrop and a few other little crafts.  I also photographed the party.  I didn't do it on my own though.  I had lots of help from my other sister-in-law--the one who designed Nadia's circus party invitation and all the printables for her party.  She also designed Ethan's cowboy party printables.  Yes, it's awesome to be related to her. :)  And as I stated Erin loves to cook so with some ideas I provided, she put together and pulled off an amazing and tasty football themed menu. 

And here is a sneak peek {full pictures to come later}:

From Left to Right:
1. Football Popcorn boxes: Oriental Trading Company. Tray (came with a toy) but similar here and only $5.
2. Football cake: Made by my sister-in-law Erin.
3. Gatorade: Grocery store, USA.  What better beverage to serve at a sports themed party?! 
4. My adorable nephew: Also made by my sister-in-law.  Oh her husband played a part too. ;)
5. Initial art: I made it using a large letter from Hobby Lobby and the coolest textured football "leather" scrap paper from Hobby Lobby also.  It looked leather bound in person. I was so happy with how it came out!
6. Balloon/Lantern Cluster: Football Lantern from Oriental Trading Company.  Balloons from The Dollar Tree.
7. Little feet + Popcorn box = party planner and photographer's dream.
8. Photography: yours truly.
stay tuned for more party pictures and details!

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