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Mint + Navy + Stripes.

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A while ago I took 4 or 5 photos of myself in various outfits for a "What I wore" series.  But then I realized I had to get dressed, put makeup on, AND clean (enough to take a photo without mad chaos looming in the background) even when I wasn't going anywhere...and I thought, this just isn't worth it. [insert winky face here].  Addthe fact that my clothes are mostly thrifted, from Target, Old Navy, or Gap...and well it's just not that interesting.  But I've been trying to do clothing reviews over on Tall Snob any time I buy a tall clothing item. I know I haven't shared my work over on Tall Snob in a while but I had fun with this post--which brought back the "What I Wore" series that never happened.  I love cute lounge wear and this pair of pants fit the bill!  The best part--you can cut them to any length you desire.  I couldn't wait to review them and try dressing them up for summer and fall.  Here's the final product.

um, pear shaped much?  Thuttocks notwithstanding, I love these pants!  I can totally wear them around the house with a tee or dress them up when going out.  Check out the full review (of the pants and denim jacket--both available in "regular" sizes) here

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  1. I really love both looks. The denim jacket/scarf combo is great! Such a perfect outfit for a mama too! Stylish yet completely practical for everything including chasing a toddler at the park.

    1. Thanks Jessica! :) And yes that's what I love about them--so practical! I'll be keeping my eyes open for some tunic length cardigans this fall. I think that'd go great with them at home and out.